The Last Hurrah

This was the last blog post I wrote BEFORE the COVID-19 breakout, the last time we were away (early March) before isolating at home. It’s a longer post than usual, so read it when you have some extra time…hope that you find it entertaining and inspiring for the better days ahead…

One of my favorite places to shop is SoHo in NYC and you can’t possibly spend an afternoon there without leaving with bags…one weekend last summer I found a few cute things in a small boutique, one item being this unique black silk dress which I had not yet worn…

It is super soft, has an uneven hem, and looks like someone took a pair of scissors to it – many loose squares of fabric covering the whole body and creating lots of movement when you walk…

When I decided to wear it on our weekend away in Florida, the question was how would I style it…

Not bad. Bold sparkly earrings and sexy lucite pumps. Yeah, not bad, but kind of predictable. And something else was just not right…

This neckline is neither here nor there, kind of boring, and driving me crazy. Oh no, did I make another mistake? Is this doomed to go to Revolve before I even wear it once? Or – maybe my tailor can change the neckline, do something to make it look better?

In my frantic desperation to save the dress, it was time to get creative…with accessories and shoes all over my bedroom, I was not ready to give up yet. Off went the bling earrings, off went the high heeled pumps…then, almost ripping the fine silk, off went one shoulder. On went a casual belt, on went my favorite booties, gold tassel earrings and – OMG – a whole different look!

Holy moly, YES! Now it feels like me.

Wearing it in Naples, Florida, our last vacation before Covid-19

The wide studded Hobo brand belt is probably twenty years old and I never tire of it, worn low on the hips…the high heeled microfiber booties (Stuart Weitzman) give the dress a much more current/trendy look, and yes – booties even in Florida…

The hot pink pashmina was my ‘touch of Florida’, a fun balance to the edgy black…

Hooray! I saved the dress! Not only did I save it, but now I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it again…but wait, there’s more…now that the neckline issue is solved, why not try another pair of booties…

White booties (Rag and Bone) created another fun look in a more casual way…

Added a belt that is a combo of Swarvorski crystals and cowhide, but truth be told…

With the white boots and hoops, it really doesn’t need the belt…sometimes less is more. šŸ˜‰

The Bottom Line:

  • When you put on a dress and you don’t feel great in it, admit that something needs to change or the dress needs to go.
  • Very often, a simple alteration like changing the length or taking it in is all you need.
  • Booties can be a fun choice even in the summer, even in hot climates. They are often more comfortable than high heeled strappy sandals and they look less predictable.

Better days are ahead ladies. Maybe not for awhile, but keep the faith! Good times will eventually resume, and you will soon be wondering what to wear to a certain party. šŸ˜‰

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  • That dress is now totally you! Love both pairs of booties. Speaking of better days ahead, when my state started opening back up, I got spring fever and started shopping online for clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunscreen, etc. Just the thought of the light at the end of this makes me feel hopeful.

    • How great it will be to shop for real again! I have been browsing online too. Have a nice weekend! Candy

  • Hi Candy, how ingenious. Do you think the designer designed it this way to offer two ways of wearing it? Does everything fit properly wearing it with the one shoulder style? Usually the idea may be great, but ensuing puckers or tugs make the fit uncomfortable. Iā€™m sure the loose squares of fabric made it an easier transition. Does it also fit well on your back. Love the looks.

    • Hi Hallie,
      I am positive that the designer did not intend this to be worn two ways – it’s probably just lucky that it ended up fitting so well (no puckers, back looks great too), probably also because the base fabric is not silk, it’s a stretchy jersey. Nice to hear from you!


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