Cotton Candy

Ann Taylor sweater, jeans from Calypso

As I often say, “variety is the spice of life”, and it sure is proven here when I ditched the bold and black, even the navy, for a look as soft as spun sugar! It sure felt great! And funny enough, two items worn here were bought quite impulsively….one day as I was traveling on the train to Connecticut, I flipped through a magazine and saw an Ann Taylor ad that featured this sweater – instantly loved it for the baby pink color and slouchy but not too baggy style….later that day I was having lunch in New Canaan with a colleague and noticed that two doors down was an Ann Taylor store! The pink sweater!!! Whoosh!!!!   I was in and out with bag in hand within five minutes – didn’t even try it on…..

Pale pink cotton/nylon sweater; old belt from who knows where....
Pale pink cotton/nylon sweater; old belt from who knows where….

The other impulsive purchase? The booties! Here I was, in Manhattan for business on a beautiful summer evening….after having dinner I was walking back to my hotel at a leisurely pace to enjoy the moment, popping into a store if it was still open…well, the Tommy Hilfiger store was open and was quite impressive, considering I never was attracted to this brand before…..first stop was to buy grandson Henry a cotton V-neck sweater with an ‘H’ on it – so cute!…thennn I saw the booties…….had actually been looking for tan booties, but never found ones that fit me comfortably (Rag and Bone were too narrow)….these were a perfect fit and even better, on sale! booties The evening was cool, so of course, must have scarf and jacket…..not to distract from the pink, I chose a white linen scarf with a tan suede Banana Republic jacket that I found this year at Revolve in Lexington….LOVE it!!!017 Can’t wait to wear these booties with a denim skirt or a casual dress….and when I am ready to return to an edgy look, the ‘cotton candy’ sweater will be neat and unexpected worn with black….Lesson of the day? Try a new style or color on occasion – it’s fun and really gives you a lift!

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  • Love this look….especially the booties…they are chic….and look comfy as well….love the belt …big score here….I did just that today and bought an aqua dress…..different for me also… looks are fun. Variety IS the spice of life….wearing the same look all the time starts to feel like a uniform….not so much a style or much fun!!!! Switching up is fun and keeps us current…always a plus as we age…gracefully.


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