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While a good number of women enjoy shopping and coordinating outfits, I think it is safe to say that your average heterosexual male does not – BUT – this does not mean that they do not enjoy looking good and the benefits that go along with it….would you agree???? My hubbie does not always join me on shopping excursions, and is not necessarily even fond of shopping, but will venture out on his own on a regular basis – he makes smart choices by being observant and committed to not dressing like “an old man”…..while he definitely is cost conscious, he has learned to appreciate the value of certain labels, so will spend more at times and is always on the lookout for a good deal…..Here he is on a recent Friday night, wearing red Bonobos pants (yes, you have seen these before!) and a Nordstrom label checked shirt.peter shoe His shoe choice gives the whole look dressy sophistication instead of preppy casual….they are Robert Wayne shoes that he bought at Nordstroms, but you can also find similar styles on Zappos! Not as pricey as they look!

Saturday night
Saturday night

Moving right along to Saturday night….a warm summer evening, heading into the North End for dinner with my dad….so may people! So many sights! So many styles!…..You should have seen this one woman……No!! Let’s stay focused on the men: many men were wearing baggy shorts, flip flops, and your typical logo polo shirts…..some wore long pants, and at least a few wore sport jackets – I actually approached one such couple sitting at an open air table and said how elegant they looked!

Peter wore his JCrew 770 jeans (resin crinkle wash) with a great English Laundry shirt he found at The Rack (Nordstrom’s discount store in Burlington)…..another pair of Robert Wayne loafers – no socks! – with an edgy belt (gift from me) from the Lucky store….north end peter

With my dad, a gentleman in Brooks Brothers attire
With my dad, always a gentleman in Brooks Brothers attire

Finally, we move on to Sunday morning….normally Peter would be in his gym clothes, but we were attending the Baptism of our grandson Henry….a warm summer day, a serious occasion, but no need to look boring….

Papou ('grandpa' in Greek) looking damn good!
Papou (‘grandpa’ in Greek) looking damn good! John Varvatos jacket bought at Nordstrom’s
Cole Haan loafers
Cole Haan loafers

White True Religion jeans look perfectly respectful with a striped shirt from Brooks Brothers and a John Varvatos glen plaid jacket  – yes, plaid with stripes! Looks great and way more interesting than a solid shirt…..Cole Haan loafers provided a more conservative look than the Robert Wayne loafers, better for church…sometimes the difference is all in the subtle details……

Let me end this post by saying Peter did not always dress this way nor do I ‘dress’ him – he pays attention, he takes the time the time to shop, he will ask for my opinion when unsure…..he says he is lucky to have me for that…:-)

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