God Bless America

Michael Kors striped top, Banana Republic skirt and hat
Michael Kors top, Banana Republic skirt and hat
First time writing a post on the same day as I publish it – could not let this outfit go by without a tribute to patriotism and Ginger! I actually went into work this morning, July 3rd, when most companies were closed….made for an easy commute for sure…..in anticipation of the 4th of July festivities, patriotic music was blasting in my bedroom as I got dressed for work, and my clothing choices reflected that as well…..this is one time where I am glad to be predictable! Bring on the red, white, and blue!

Paul Mayer Attitudes
Paul Mayer Attitudes

Rather than wearing navy shoes, gold glittery kitten heels were the ‘fireworks/sparklers’ of the outfit, making it more fun…..

So 'Ginger-approved'!
So ‘Ginger-approved’!

The work day is done and now it is time to prepare for the fun of the 4th….so many memories, many of them of my mother and dad in their over the top patriotic garb……

Some favorite songs:

  • God Bless America (Ginger’s favorite!)
  • God Bless The USA
  • Grand Old Flag
  • 1612 Overture (My favorite!)

Other 4th favorites:

  • Blueberry pie (always homemade!)
  • Lobster and steamers
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Sparklers

Tomorrow we will not be on the beach, we will not be anywhere fancy – but we will all be together, and we will be LOUD. And when the orchestra on TV plays ‘God Bless America’, the tears will be flowing…..



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