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Yessiree, Candy Costas will soon be going to Disney, along with hubby, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren, ages 6 and 8. NINE nights! :-0 As you might be thinking, what an atypical trip this will be, and what the heck will I pack for clothes??? No big surprise, it is all figured out, after a bit of research and three hours of planning…

My mess during the planning phase

First I consulted with a ‘regular’ Disney visitor who also loves dressing up and wearing high heels…her biggest piece of advice was to wear sneakers – both day AND NIGHT…holy moly, can I survive this??? Then I had a conversation with my daughter, who shared that many of her planned day outfits were borderline gym clothes, a real ‘athleisure’ vibe…ugh, do I even have any athleisure??? Lastly, I went online and read a couple of blog posts from gals who have already had this experience….ok, Candy, time to knock it all down a level! (Or two…)

Ready to take action! Three hours in my bedroom, trying on various outfits, keeping in mind the changeable weather…once I got in the more casual mindset, it was actually a fun exercise for me…I even created a couple of ‘athleisure’ looks by combining leggings with crop tops and light sweaters…I wrote down every single outfit (both day and night), including what crossbody bag and what jacket…since we have reservations for all parks and restaurants (that’s a necessity these days), sometimes I embraced the theme of where we were going, such as a safari dress to the Animal Kingdom…

The shocker of all: NO HEELS. This is a first for me and maybe I will cave and throw in a pair before we leave home, hahaha…two pair of sneakers, and Birkenstocks, that’s it!

One night outfit

Instead of taking a crazy amount of shoes as usual, a variety of jackets and accessories will elevate my looks…and since we expect to hit the pool on most days, already chose seven swimsuits and coverups…

Swimwear ready to pack!

Now that my Disney wardrobe is planned, I am actually more excited about the trip because I like my outfits – as crazy as this may sound, when you like how you look, it affects how you FEEL. And it also feels good to embrace the culture/vibe of where we are going. Who knows, you may even see me wearing Mickey ears! Stay tuned ladies!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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