Does Your Man Wear Cargo Shorts???

If the answer is YES, the second question is, do you like them??? Probably not…..

Pic from Wall Street Journal, Nicole Hong
Pic from Wall Street Journal

My hubby does not wear cargo shorts.  Knowing that I have strong opinions on style choices, he recently brought this to my attention:  Nicole Hong, a writer for the Wall Street Journal wrote an article on cargo shorts that was so controversial that a week later she followed it up with an equally controversial second article…….Peter knew I would get a big kick out of it and boy, did I ever……as I was reading each article, words could not come fast enough out of my mouth, louder and louder, with more and more conviction – until I decided to join the discussion and submit a comment…..whew! That felt better – oh no, not another one! This time an article shows up in the Boston Globe, with our own Mayor Walsh professing his love for cargos….mayor

What do I think?  So glad you asked…..

  • Khaki material, shorts, and/or shorts with side pockets are not all bad/ugly.
  • What makes cargo shorts bad/ugly is when they are baggy, below the knee, and the pockets are bulging with ‘stuff’.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.
  • What makes cargo shorts extra bad/ugly is when they are worn with athletic sneakers or flip flops.
  • Men that wear cargo shorts are not dressing to look good, they are dressing purely for comfort and function.
  • If you dress purely for comfort and function, you are less likely to attract the opposite sex.
  • If you are less likely to attract the opposite sex (or whatever sex you prefer), you are less likely to have sex.

Ready to trash those cargos???  But what to do with your ‘stuff”???  Hubby advised me….

  • Carry a super slim wallet with a few credit cards, some cash, but nothing else in wallet to add bulk.
  • Minimize the keys you carry – car key and house key should be enough most days.
  • Cell phone in back pocket (avoid the geeky belt attachments).
  • If you really need to carry more stuff, consider a backpack!

    Peter, cargo-free!



Ok, now let’s hear from you!!!  Did you show this to your man???

Do I dare ask what his response was? ;-)

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  • It’s not so much the cargo shorts, it’s when they’re worn below the waist, very baggy, and too much stuff in the pockets. Plus, the shirts and shoes worn with them. They can be styled nicely, but often are not.

  • My husband usually defers to me when it comes to his clothing style. But when I was out of town recently, he went crazy- shopping several days in a row. When I got home a week later, he proudly showed me what his purchases. I am happy to say, not a pair of cargo shorts in the lot. He prefers shorts to the knee that are slim fitting and have regular pants pockets, as all he carries is a wallet. He does have a couple of pairs of cargo short, for mowing the lawn:)


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