What’s My Theme?

How often do you update your home décor? It can be replacing furniture, reupholstering furniture, or simply changing the accents…..just like your wardrobe, your home needs updating or it can look dated and stale….because day to day I am so focused on work, it is often in a sudden burst of inspiration that I decide to make an update…last winter it was our living room – this month, the kitchen shelves….


You have seen these shelves in countless blog posts, sometimes with seasonal changes, but mostly items have been there for tooooo long, and they no longer spark joy……so sick of that dusty ivy, the ‘Early American’ pewter, the country style rooster and red pitcher…..those darn Silver Palate cookbooks from the 80’s that I never use, and the ‘Simple Pleasures’ plate on the top shelf that I would use if it was handier!
My mind made up – TIME FOR A CHANGE!
On a Sunday afternoon my daughter wanted to visit Home Goods, so we headed over after Henry’s nap….. I thought it would be a good idea to casually poke around and  start to get some ideas for my shelves….

“Do you have a particular theme in mind?” Hayley asked me….

“Theme? No.”

“It’s going to be hard without a direction of some kind…you should have checked out Pinterest.”

“Well, I didn’t have time.  Maybe I will be inspired by something….”
Fifteen minutes pass…nothing special….half an hour…..nothing…..that’s ok, we’re still having fun, we found some yummy fruit preserves….after about an hour in the store I see a large gold ‘starburst’ – “Ooooh!  This can be a start!!”   Then suddenly, my eyes were racing from item to item that I found visually appealing – some gold and glitzy, some natural and neutral….shop home goods

Before we knew it, our carriage was overflowing with treasures and we had been in the store for nearly two hours…..tired and time to head home……
gold burst










The gold ‘starburst’, turned out to be too tall for the shelves, but no way was this going back…it adds a touch of  year round festivity to the living room!


Here’s the final result after about 24 hours of making adjustments/additions….some items (the leaf plate, the pewter wine bucket) were not new but now have a whole new look….the sparkly twig branches I grabbed from another display in the living room….I even pulled out a holiday decoration (the CHEERS sign) because it fits the culture of our home. A theme! I do have a theme Hayley:
Adventure and celebration!

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