Dopamine Dressing

Clearly I am late to the party – just recently learned of the 2022 trend, ‘dopamine dressing’. Have you heard of it? For those others who may be in the dark, it means dressing with the intention of boosting your mood, most especially with bright colors which can have a psychological association tied to our memories…this actually pertains not only to colors, but to styles and textures as well which can all affect how we feel. Especially in post-pandemic times, dressing this way is a means to feel in control again, a way to put pleasure and joy in every day. Hmmm…

This term/trend may be new to me, but the concept most certainly is not…as a firm believer in the importance of dressing well for multiple reasons, I have been ‘dopamine dressing’ for years on a daily basis…what’s very cool about this concept is that it can be completely different for each individual – what’s dopamine dressing for one may be quite the opposite for another. As for me, there are five specific categories related to dressing that boost my mood, put a swing in my step and a smile on my face…

  1. Something unpredictable. It would be safe to wear this bright green blazer with a black sheath dress…certainly that would be a professional and stylish option, but quite safe and predictable...this color combination is more unique – it feels current and creative, it makes me smile. :-)

2. Bright colors. Yellow, hot pink, coral – the brighter the better, and in all seasons…while the fabric will change in various seasons, I will always wear bold colors that look best with my skin tone. This ‘happy’ dress has been a fave in my closet for years!

3. Clothes that have movement. Love a skirt/dress that moves when you walk, moves with the wind, moves when you dance! For that reason I’m a big fan of pleated skirts; this navy one is my newest by Ralph Lauren.

4. Bold accessories. The older I get, the bolder I get! ;-) This black cotton ‘bubble’ dress came to life when I added the wide belt, pearl jewelry, chunky gold bangles, and sequin crossbody bag. Keep in mind that it does take time to play with your accessories until you like like the final result. (Nothing good comes without effort!)

5. Clothes with a sexy and/or feminine vibe. Form-fitting styles, high heels, and tastefully sexy clothes make me feel good…some may call this ‘dressing for the man gaze’, but it makes ME feel good – and if men ‘gaze’ with appreciation, what the hell is wrong with that? As a 64 year-old happily married woman, feeling and looking sexy/sexual is something that I embrace with confidence.

Alright, ladies, it’s time to give this some thought! Do you know what colors and/or styles make YOU feel good? Do you have favorite wardrobe pieces that always put you in a good mood? OR – is it time to re-evaluate what’s in your closet and go shopping? Would love to hear your thoughts! :-)


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