Smile Secrets As We Age

Just as it takes ongoing effort to have a slim, toned body as we age, it also takes ongoing effort to have a beautiful smile – for men and women alike! As all of us get older, our teeth can become crooked/crowded, they wear down and get shorter, and most noticeably, they turn gray/yellow. Pretty crappy, right? The good news is that we can address any or all of these issues with simple to more complex interventions as I did several years ago…

In my youth I never needed braces, and was fortunate to have whiter than average teeth…fast forward to my early fifties and my bottom teeth showed significant crowding – not so apparent when I smiled, but very noticeable when I spoke – my sister would often tease me about it, wondering why I didn’t have it fixed…this ‘crowding’ didn’t happen overnight but as the years moved on it got significant enough to bother me…even more bothersome, my top two front teeth showed wear (shorter in length), and one had a small chip…

After lengthy discussions with my dentist, I made the decision to get veneers on three top teeth and to do Invisalign (Dr. Carolyn Melita, Belmont Orthodontics) to correct the crowding on the bottom and to widen my smile/teeth on top. Neither process was easy, they both took a good deal of time, it required much patience, and they were both out-of-pocket expenses. To maintain the straight teeth, I routinely wear a retainer every night when sleeping. Without a doubt the results were worth every penny, and worth every bit of effort and inconvenience.

Before and After

As far as teeth whitening, simple Crest Whitestrips, used twice a year, does the trick for me! (Hubby uses them too) Another ‘trick’ is lipstick – bluer shades tend to make your teeth look whiter, but as long as there is a noticeable color on your lip, it helps to show off your teeth – I never go without! Another easy way to define a pretty smile and to give the impression of a fuller lip is to use a lip liner pencil…my favorites are by MAC, almost always in the brown/neutral tones…and as far as lip injections, or so-called ‘lip-flips’ – I have considered them but opted out – unless there is a need/desire to plump very thin lips, the puffed lip trend is not for me. ;-)

Keep in mind: your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, men and women alike – not your hair, not your nails, not your abs. Whether you are hunting for a romantic partner or looking for a new job, your smile will be noticed. Have you taken a close look lately? Maybe it’s time to talk to your dentist…

Hope that this information was helpful in some way and I am glad to answer any questions!

My reason to smile

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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