Dressed for Success

When you have an important business engagement to attend there are certain ways to dress to portray a serious, professional image. What’s the first thing you think of? A suit! A suit is one great option, providing it is perfectly tailored and accessorized to avoid it being too bland. A sheath dress is another easy option, especially with a jacket. Yet another option, as shown here, are classic separates, coordinated to reflect your personal style.

It all starts with a simple black pencil skirt, a MUST for any business woman. This one is by DKNY in a synthetic blend that is comfortable, wrinkle free, flattering, and appropriate for year round wear. The next basic is a white blouse by Anne Fontaine that gives any jacket a classy, professional look. I have worn this particular one for so many years that the fabric is wearing out and I need a new one – will buy the exact same thing.  Gotta have the basics.

Now, you might not consider the leopard jacket a basic, but it really is because it of its versatility. If you look at a recent post in January you will see it worn very differently, with leather leggings and a silk satin camisole.  There are so many more ways to wear this, I am sure it was worth the investment.  (No joke Peter!)  The brand is NVSCO, it is a sheer wool blend, beautifully tailored, right down to the crazy kitty-cat lining….

The muted leopard fabric adds just enough pizazz to a serious look without being too bold or distracting.

With this combination of separates you could easily wear black pumps, but RED SUEDE pumps take the outfit over the top!  It still remains professional (skirt is not too short or tight) and adds a level of boldness.  Boldness is power! 🙂  These are Manolo Blahniks, but there are many other brands that carry this style.

On this chilly spring morning a black wrap was just enough outerwear, and also looks and feels so glamorous…

Ready to hit the road!  Ready to face anything!

What’s your ‘go to’ power outfit?

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  • Love the entire outfit (especially the red pumps). I like separates better than a plain suit most of the time. You look great!


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