Embracing Resolutions


Last week (December 26th) on the editorial page of the Boston Globe, Renee Loth wrote, ‘Resolved: No more resolutions’.  She suggests that dismissing the tradition of new years resolutions would be “liberating”.  Her belief is that they are just another “social pressure” where it forces individuals to “compare ourselves to some unattainable fantasy of what a ‘complete life’ looks like.”  Instead of frustrating self-improvement, she suggests “how about just being a kind person?”  I respectfully disagree!

Just be a kind person????  How about being a kind person and work on self-improvement?  Unless you have won the lucky gene, absolutely nothing worthwhile in life comes without effort – relationships, career, health, good looks, even vacation and hobbies take effort and planning.  Senior managers conduct quarterly meetings to assess the progress of a business and make necessary adjustments. You go for an annual physical and may discover a need to adjust your diet.  With the change of seasons, you clean your closet, purge items, add new.  To be your best at anything, you must assess, evaluate, put in the time/effort.  

The start of a new year is simply one of many markers in our lives.  It is an opportunity to take a look at where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.  If you are a goal oriented person, you probably do this on an ongoing basis, so the new year resolution list is already in your head.

Sunrise on Plum Island – July 2016

It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail. Nobody in December evaluates your results!  What does matter is giving it serious thought and making an honest effort.  If you never leave your comfort zone, if you continue to do things the same way year after year, that will be your life. No way for me!  In this one life I choose to push myself, try things that may seem impossible, and always seek adventure. Yes, I will be making a few resolutions! HOW ABOUT YOU?


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  • Oh yes, I will continue to make healthy choices and live a life full of adventure, change, growth…… challenging my self every day to be better, do better and live my life with curiosity……choosing a path that makes an impact …… and empowers others to make better choices…… and be their best everyday not just as a resolution but as a life style . Happy 2017! Candy


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