Lovin’ Leather Leggings

Ann Taylor sweater, Wolford leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots

Do you think you are too old for leather leggings??? You think you aren’t skinny enough? No way! Any age, and any shape can wear them as long as you style them tastefully. They are so much fun and will add edginess and texture to a simple casual outfit.  These are faux leather (machine washable!) by Wolford…if you look online there are many brands available in a variety of price points.




Seen above and to left for a day out shopping, a simple ivory turtleneck, flat boots, and a plaid scarf.  Notice that the backside of the sweater is longer than the front – perfectly covers my backside!




For an evening out with friends, I went for a high heeled bootie, a fitted Wolford top, and a camel wool blazer…while these leggings are heavyweight enough to wear as pants, most of the time I prefer to cover my butt – this blazer does the job nicely!dsc05578





Two things I look for when shopping for investment pieces: fit and fabric. This Rag and Bone blazer was a winner in both categories. (Bought this season at Saks.)

dsc05582Ok, I admit there are times when the rocker in me will remove the blazer and/or wear a more revealing top –  if so, it will be if I am going out with hubby and deliberately going for the naughty look.  Grandma’s not dead yet! 😉

Finally, a less naughty way to wear a shorter sweater with leather leggings is to balance the look with fashion sneakers, or as pictured here, with furry boots. Striped sweater by Rag and Bone. A fun option after a day of skiing!

Other tips:

  • Avoid wearing leather on top; one strong leather piece is enough.
  • Do wear a feminine/lace top, a casual tee or a silk tunic on top. It balances the edginess.
  • Do not ever wear them in a business setting.
  • Do experiment with different shoes: sexy pumps, boots, fashion sneakers.
  • Check out Pinterest for lots more ideas and photos!

Ok, ladies, let’s hear from you!  Would you wear any of these looks?


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  • Hey Grammy….. looking good! love the leather leggings….. i have a pair of leather pants, i had altered for a slimmer leg last year…. they are lined, comfy and warm. I find they stretch at the knees when I wear them??? what is your experience?
    from Nanny….. P

    • My guess is that your pants are real leather (nice!) and do not have any lycra/spandex. Many new leathers, real or faux, now are made with some of this material that helps it keep its shape. For this reason, mine do not stretch out.


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