3 Winter Essentials

Bogner hat, Scotch and Soda scarf, J&X NY velvet gloves

Winter weather is upon us – time to pull out those hats!  Do they ‘spark joy’? Are they only for snow shoveling or do they add to your outfit?

dsc05664 While I have been fond of hats since I was a tween, once I turned 50 they became an essential part of my winter wardrobe. Why? They keep you warm! Seriously, when it’s below just 50 degrees it feels much better with a covered head.  This simple comfort measure is also an opportunity to make a strong fashion statement, which works for me!  Not only a hat, but I will never leave the house without hat, scarf, and gloves – the  essential three!  Seen above, my oldest favorite hat, a simple black wool beret. What I like about it:  it does not flatten your hair as a tight cap would, it is a more sophisticated style than a casual ‘pom-pom’ hat, and you can easily toss it in your handbag or coat pocket. They are available in fine department stores in a variety of colors. Below is my newest beret in winter white…camel leather gloves by Sermoneta.dsc05516 Now when it’s really cold, when you will be standing outdoors waiting for a train, or walking a considerable distance, nothing beats a fur hat. This one by Surell is especially toasty because it completely covers the ears…so what if I am compared to a guard at Buckingham Palace! Haha…dsc05571



Bought it on sale at Bloomies two years ago…I have since seen similar ones at Revolve…




When you coordinate a hat, scarf, and gloves you are creating an outfit on the outside as well as under your coat. You look stylish and polished, and you send a message of having your act together.  You say you don’t look good in hats?  You probably haven’t tried on the right style – face and head shape makes a big difference.  With my narrow face I need a hat that provides some volume, otherwise I look like a pin head!  dsc05557




More for style than warmth, this wool floppy hat I found last year at Revolve…the hot pink gloves from Sermoneta on Newbury Street.


dsc05701 Probably my favorite in terms of glamour, this is a black wool cap with a wide band of fox, also by Surell. Worn on New Year’s Eve with an ivory Burberry scarf, BCBG coat, and Gucci clutch that belonged to Ginger.

The Ginger-bred essential three: hat/scarf/ gloves – don’t leave home without them!


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  • Good morning,Candy!
    You look absolutely lovely and elegant in the black wool hat,coat and clutch. What makes everything you wear so lovely is your beautiful smile! Always remember this. And seeing you standing there with the pretty bright lights behind you,makes me want to simply get all dressed up and go out for a nice and fun evening!
    Have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Candy,

    I’m a hat and scarf and gloves girl……myself. Love being warm and comfy when out in the elements and this very cold weather….. agree your wonderful smile enhances the glamor or your look….. love all the outfits you posted here.

  • Hi Candy! I love a winter hat as well. My favorite is one that was made just for me. I picked out the style, materials, etc. on a trip to Wyoming. I agree that scarf, hat, and gloves make the outfit. Although living in the south, we don’t get nearly as much cold weather as you do. (As a matter of fact, it was 73 degrees here yesterday.) Loved all the pics of your variety of hats!


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