Serendipity –  the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for (Merriam-Webster dictionary)
This is a phenomenon I love, don’t you? It’s how I found this great vest! During the holiday season I was searching in Revolve for something sparkly to wear New Years Eve…nothing sparkly caught my eye, but this vest certainly did. While I admire vests I never bought one before because they often are shapeless and not flattering on me…because this one is fitted and belted, it was not overwhelming on my petite frame.

dsc05657 Because there was no label, I have no idea what brand it is, but who cares? The wool/spandex blend fabric is great, it came with the brown belt, and I love the brass buckles – such a steal at only $39!dsc05659 I actually broke my rule of wearing dark tights if the skirt length is above the knee – everything else in the outfit is conservative, a bit of flirtatious skin seemed just right.dsc05663 Ready to brave the cold with a Burberry scarf and my good ol’ black wool beret…dsc05665 Funny enough, this Mackage coat was also found with serendipity – while poking in the shops of Stowe, Vermont last year, the dramatic fur trimmed hood caught my eye…”What, it is a ‘Mackage‘?? What – it is on sale??? Well, I will just try it on…”

Have you had an experience with serendipity?  Do tell!

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  • One weekend while my husband was away on a trip, I left work and drove straight to Atlanta. I was taking one of my fur coats to have it cleaned. It was a small, inexpensive rabbit coat that I’d had for EVER. While at the store (Bloomingdale’s) they were having a huge sale and I found a mink that I just loved (vintage shape, 3/4 sleeves, subtle leopard print) and they suggested I trade in my little, old rabbit coat for it. They gave me 3 times what I’d paid for the rabbit coat toward the new one, plus 1/2 off the price! I couldn’t beat that. Funny thing, my husband called to check on me while I was signing the receipt. So funny!

    • What a fun story! The purchases you find when you weren’t looking are always the best!


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