Hair Through The Years

Have you been wearing your hair the same way for decades?  Maybe stuck in a rut,  but considering a change?  As you will see from the following photos, my hair has not always been the same, but some choices were pretty scary in retrospect!  Hope you get a kick out of seeing my hair through the years, maybe it will inspire you to try something different or be glad that you didn’t!

high school hair



It all starts in high school, right?  Here I am at age 17, wishing that my hair was straight and silky.  Having thick, wavy hair, it took rollers of all types to get my hair this smooth.



hair bad perm





Yessiree, it is now the early 1980s and I got regular PERMs for maximum volume.  Did I really think this looked good???  And how about those eyebrows!


hair rollers



Ok, still have lots of volume, but I went back to the hot rollers  – actually taking the whole Conair set with me whenever I traveled.  Must have been about 30 here, hair color is still completely natural.  How the heck did I maintain this style with two small children?



hair 2007




Fast forward to my late 40s, now covering the gray but staying close to my natural color…seems I learned how to use a blow dryer and finally gave up the rollers.  One smart move!
50 hair



This photo is a perfect example of a middle aged woman that needs a hair update.  Looks like a sad attempt to keep the same look of my youth which is never a good thing.  At about age 50, clearly I ain’t no spring chicken.  This was also about the time I realized the ol’ body was out of shape and decided to join a gym. Another good move!



flip hair




What a difference! Cutting my hair and losing 15lbs gave me a whole new look.  This photo was taken on our honeymoon, just three years after the one above.



hair blonde




Why not try some highlights?  Why not try more? And more??? Heck, why not go blonde?  Ha! Well, sometimes you just need to give it a go, but clearly not my best move.  Friends and family were afraid to tell me because at the time I thought I was hot stuff.    Olive skin, dark eyes, thick Armenian hair – not meant to be a blonde.


dark hairhair 2017

So back to brunette it is, though I do prefer my hair with some highlights, think it is more flattering on a mature face.  What does hubbie think? He loves my hair short, and definitely not blonde.  Because I am so gray now, coloring is a must every three weeks – what I have learned is that the color/highlights will not be exactly the same every time which can even be more interesting, as long as you stay within a certain range.  Robert at Roberts Salon in Belmont has been my stylist for the past two years and I could not be happier with his work.  This is also my easiest haircut – I blow it dry in 15 minutes, touch it up with a flat iron, use a bit of styling cream, and done!

Do you have a hair story to share?  If your friend/mother/sister made a hair style choice that you thought was not good, would you share your opinion or keep quiet unless asked?

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  • Oh Yes, I can relate….many changes over the years….had the “shag” look way back in the day. Long and pony tail style in early 20’s …easy with 2 then 3 little one’s.
    Got it cut and did really short for whole…started highlighting….and never went back. My natural color is very bland.
    Any way fast forward to living on CC and not having a HD ….one episode of red!!! UGH!!!! Finally at 70+ I have a great stylist and colorist …

  • Candy,
    I loved all the pictures of your hairstyles over the years!! The one of you in the black suit when you were 30? You look like a super model! Also love your haircut from the picture during your honeymoon. You look so fresh-faced. (Is that a word?) Yes, you look much more lovely with dark hair, but I would not tell a friend or family member unless asked specifically. I have to color my hair every 4 weeks due to the amount of gray I have. It is almost exactly the same shade of reddish brown I had in my senior picture, although not the same styleSo, natural is still my way to go, even in my 40s.


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