Fall Wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts

Let me start by saying that this pic was taken last year – at the time of this writing it was still too hot to be in the mood for pumpkins and mums!  But we all know that cooler days are around the corner, so it’s definitely time to think about your fall wardrobe.  In order to spend wisely on new pieces and have a wardrobe that you love, here are my tried and true do’s and don’ts:

  • DO take inventory of what you currently have, and what you need.  When you look at each piece, take the time to really decide: do you love it, is it still in great shape, does it fit you, is it comfortable?  Try things on!  If the answer to any one of these questions is no, get rid of it!  Donate or consign if it looks like new, if it is visibly worn, trash it. Save the guilt for the tiramisu. ;-)

No longer feeling the love for this camel JMcLaughlin sweater – nothing is wrong with it – I am sure that this will be easily ‘recycled’.

This cropped cashmere turtleneck is a keeper!     Ok, next step – shoes!  Although I love them and  they are comfortable, these two toned pumps are headed to the trash…Why, you say??? They look like a puppy chewed on the heels and that’s not a good look. (Just beat up from lots of wear)  Beyond repair. :-(

BUT – for or all those shoes that are NOT beyond repair….

Last year…
  • DO visit your cobbler.  There are probably many shoes and boots you have not worn since last spring…inspect each pair closely looking at the soles, the heels, the toes.  If they are badly beaten up, it’s time to say goodbye, but in most cases a skilled cobbler can work wonders.  I just picked up my black suede Aquatalia boots from the cobbler and they look brand new. In addition to looking much better, new heels make shoes much more comfortable (and safer) to walk in…

    Thank you to Arthur’s Shoe Repair – just like new again!


  • DO rely on your ‘transition’ pieces for warm days in October…that means lightweight dark neutrals, not your ‘middle of the summer’ clothes.

Now for some DON’Ts…

  • DON’T put away all your whites! White is a year round color and I am not referring to ‘winter white’ which is really ‘off white’ – I mean bright white.  It is less about the color and more about the fabric. Linen shirts, cotton skirts can be put away until next year, but synthetic fabrics are for all seasons. And while you might be ready to put your white jeans away, they look fabulous with a black turtleneck sweater and boots!
  • DON’T wear summer prints.  Time to put away the ‘Lily’…and see you next year Jack Rogers. ;-)
  • DON’T  go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.  Focus on simple basics and  a few new items that will coordinate with what you have.  A new shoe can also give older basics a whole new look. Maybe a leopard shoe?    Maybe metallic?

Another pic from last year: goodbye to the blouse (no joy), but the skirt is a keeper, one of my Wolford favorites.

Have you gone through your fall wardrobe yet???

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  • It’s beyond awesome to have a cobbler you can trust. I have found one in New Jersey of all places! I found them on Google when I was looking for someone to cut the straps of an LV shoulder bag to make it a satchel. These fine people are worth their weight in gold! They’ve repaired countless pairs of shoes since then. I always feel better when my shoes look new.


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