Relaxed Style

Your personal style is a way of expressing who you are to the world around you. This includes when you dressed on a Saturday or Sunday, even though comfort may be top on your priority list. That’s ok!

No need to sacrifice style for comfort.

These are cropped ‘joggers’ that I have had for years  – what I like about them is the fit – not too baggy, yet a loose, slim leg.  The teeshirt is also not your average tee…the brand is ATM, it has an interesting texture and also a loose yet slim fit.  

What’s nice about the elastic bottom on the pants is that it makes it easy to wear any type of shoe. Here I wore a high wedge to add a touch of glam while doing errands, but when  back at home I will throw on flats.

What to wear for a jacket? A denim jacket would certainly work, but felt a bit too predictable…adding a cashmere ‘boyfriend cardigan’ by Rag and Bone added a component of luxury!

Details, details….an old canvas belt and a few casual bracelets were just right accessories…

At the last minute I added the brass LV necklace and my Il Bisonte cross body bag.

The bottom line:

  • Even when you are having a lazy day, dressing with style is possible, and can make you feel better!
  • All tee shirts are not created equal. Some brands I love are ATM, Vince, Rag and Bone.
  • With a super casual outfit such as jeans or joggers, adding a high heel, a cashmere sweater, or even a blazer elevates your whole look.
  • A high quality cross body bag is worth splurging for.  You can’t beat ‘hands free’ for weekend shopping or vacation adventures.  I have had this one for over 15 years. Click here to see an Il Bisonte bag that’s available now.

Happy Monday!

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  • We went to a baseball game this weekend in Atlanta. Even though we would be at a ballpark, I didn’t want to wear the predictable cutoffs/baseball shirt. I wore linen bermuda shorts, an Ann Taylor cotton blouse, and nice leather sandals. I carried a Brahmin crossbody bag for the essentials. I love that your outfit pieces can be several years old and still very current.

    • Classics never die, they only improve with age! Love the sound of your outfit. 🙂


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