Fast and Easy Fall Decor

Pumpkins at Wagon Wheel in Lexington, MA

Fall was Ginger’s favorite season, from the crisp, cool ‘sweater weather’ to the vibrant beauty of nature.  While I myself could take another month of long summer days, who doesn’t enjoy the visual splendor of this season?  But – when you are busy working –  who has time to decorate for fall?   Well, I assure you, it can be done in very little time if you are focused.  While not the most elaborate, I did my home in less than three hours on a recent Saturday afternoon…

First stop was Wilson’s Farm in Lexington where the displays of pumpkins and mums are endless, the smells and sights delightful…hubby was with me and we were getting some groceries at the same time, so multitasking to the max…..”Peter, get us a second cart, this won’t all fit in one!”…(He is now wondering why he is not at home watching the game…) We were probably out within an hour and my treasures were displayed on our front steps within the next half hour…”Hmmm, Peter, what do you think?  Is this enough?”….”No way. Needs more.”   That’s just what I thought.  “You stay home, I can handle this!”   Off I went to stop #2:  Wagon Wheel in Lexington – a much smaller farm stand but EASY to navigate and they also had great stuff!

More great finds at Wagon Wheel

I could not tell you the names of the various pumpkins, but I always like to mix up the colors, shapes, and sizes…the same goes for plants – could not resist this cool plant with the brown ‘cattails’!

Much better now!  (Initially I just had one pumpkin and one pot of mums.)

Just like my mother, I always choose rust or deep maroon colored mums – never purple, never yellow

A small bale of hay added another element of texture and a place to elevate the interesting pale green pumpkin…

Like Ginger, Indian corn has always been my ‘go to’ fall door hanging, but this year I opted for a berry wreath. While it looks real, it isn’t, so it should be good for next year too…looks great against our shiny black door…



Can’t forget the back deck since the weather will still be nice enough to enjoy outdoor dinners and summer flowers are long gone…

Since we renovated our yard/deck last year, it actually feels like our home is bigger because there is so much more space to enjoy…

And last but not least, a GIANT pot of rust mums on the back deck – SO VERY GINGER!

The bottom line:

  • Before you head out to buy your pumpkins and mums, look at the spaces you will be filling to get an idea of how much you need.
  • Decide on a color scheme and stick with it for maximum impact.
  • Cluster together a grouping of pumpkins and mums, mixing color, shapes, and sizes.  Groupings look more interesting with odd numbers of items, avoiding too much symmetry.
  • Consider the color of your door when you choose a wreath or decor item.  Maximum contrast makes for a more dramatic look.
  • Corn stalks, bales of hay, and other unusual plants are great ‘mixers’ for pumpkins and mums.
  • Get your fall decor now so you can enjoy it for a good 8 weeks before it’s time for you know what! 😉

Happy pumpkin hunting!

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  • Great fall look, love it.
    You inspired me to get moving and I have started my display…not done yet.


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