Last Minute Change

Here is a day when I got dressed for work, almost ready to walk out the door, then decided to tweak my outfit at the last minute…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this perfectly professional outfit – an off white silk blouse with a JMcLaughlin skirt and a lightweight Elizabeth and James jacket.

The Chanel pin and a string of pearls were perfect classic accessories to pull the whole look together. I just wasn’t in the mood.  It just felt too serious, too predictable, too ‘old lady’.  It was Friday.  I was in the mood for something more relaxed and understated while still looking business appropriate.  Determined to do this quickly, I dashed back to my closet.   Get these pearls off me!  No to the pin!  Off goes the silk blouse!

On goes a simple white turtleneck and I instantly felt better!  “It’s 90 degrees outside, you’re wearing a turtleneck?” says hubby…It’s not 90 in the office, and I would rather be warm than cold.  Plus, I prefer wearing something more unpredictable, so yes yes yes.

The rayon turtleneck is by Majestic; super soft and comfy, a year round basic.  Wear it with jeans, a leather skirt, a suit, whenever you want understated chic.

Much better!  At least for how I felt!  Finally ready to hit the road…

The bottom line:

  • There are many different ways to interpret ‘business casual’ – before you get dressed, think about what’s on your calendar and what  you are in the mood for.
  • Sleeveless (or short sleeved) turtlenecks are a sophisticated alternative to shirts under a jacket.  Stock up!
  • Especially if you are over 50, sometimes less is more, and understated is more ‘cool’.
  • Give yourself a little extra time in the morning so you can choose an outfit that makes you smile.

Have a nice weekend everyone!  Happy shopping! 




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