Festive Flop

Ladies, it happens to the best of us. Even those of us that seem to have an eye for fashion – sometimes you make a bad choice.  And what a better time to make a bad choice than the joyous holiday season!  Hohoho! With all the hustle and bustle, shopping and baking, working and playing – you squeeze in time to decide what you are wearing to holiday parties.  No need to fret, says Candy, you may not need to buy a whole new outfit – you can simply add a piece to what you already have in your closet…sure!  And that’s what I did last year – I bought a statement blouse to wear with a leather skirt that I already had.  It sure made a statement:  “Look at my sleeves.”   What was I thinking??? 





The top was not even a bargain.  For some reason I got excited when I tried it on at Bloomies – the drama of the sleeves seemed like fun.  I assure you, they were not fun.  Imagine trying to eat Italian food with all this white fabric hanging near your plate??

What else was wrong:  the neckline is neither here nor there – maybe a necklace would have helped, but I went for simplicity.  Untucked fitted top, without a belt, looks unfinished.  A white top on the outside of a dark skirt, ending at my hip cuts off my already short body – not flattering.  Finally, there is no ‘look’, no cohesiveness to the whole outfit. I really got it all wrong.  :-(


That’s ok – the world didn’t end!  I took this top to Revolve faster than you can say ‘waste of money’…..


Fortunately, my hits outweigh my misses, especially when I stick to what I know looks best on me and I don’t try too hard.

The same year, a different party. Much better. Anne Fontaine lace blouse, tucked in to wool crepe pants.  Simple yet elegant.








And you can never go wrong with a black cocktail dress, this one by Ulla Johnson.  Add a sexy shoe, some bling on your ears, done.








Pulling together separates is definitely more effort than a dress, but when you get it right it’s personal style to the max!   Here is one of my favorite holiday outfits from last year… a metallic gold pleated skirt, with a black cashmere sweater and Anne Fontaine collar and cuffs – fun and festive!

The bottom line:

  • You might not get it right every time, but never taking a fashion risk is boring.
  • Always try on your outfit – head to toe – before the night of the party.
  • Remember that parties are in an indoor, heated place – don’t dress for the temperature outside unless you are going for a grandma look. ;-)

Three parties are on the calendar for me this month – what will I wear?  Hopefully no more flops!  Stay tuned…


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