Girly Girl

Add one new piece to old separates and it can instantly make everything feel like new!  The new piece here is the red shrug, a recent Revolve find with Barney’s tags still attached. Yay!  The leopard pencil skirt – old, the Wolford tights – old, the Gucci boots – old.   All together – girly girl new!

Have you ever worn a ‘shrug’? This was my first, and what I like is that is pulls together the outfit in a more casual/fun way than a jacket does…

The brand here is Martin Margiela, it’s a fine merino wool, and the back label stitches are intended to show…

For all the years I never wore red I am sure making up for it in my old age!  It is an instant skin brightener…yeah, along with the Becca highlighter on my cheeks 😉

Speaking of bright things, how about these cool earrings? Found them earlier this year at Intermix, a shop that carries a variety of trendy, high-end clothes and accessories.  With the feminine flirtatious style of this outfit, they were a perfect choice…

For outerwear on this cool day, a black sheer wool cape with a ruffle trim was just right, and continued with the ‘girly-girl’ look.  It also belonged to Ginger, which makes it all the more special…

But wait – there’s one more piece to complete this outfit…something shiny, something with a big bow…something bright red…

A Valentino handbag, found you-know-where!   WHO COULD RESIST???

The only thing missing?  A miniature white poodle – or a yorkie – on a bejeweled leash!  Right?

The bottom line:

  • Buy things you really love and you will enjoy them for years.
  • Wear old pieces in new ways to keep them looking fresh.
  • While it’s fun to mix different styles in one outfit, if you go all the way with one style it can be a powerful look.  (i.e. girly girl seen here)
  • Especially during the change of seasons, shop your favorite consignment shops on a regular basis – this is when many ladies purge their closets and treasures are abound!

Happy Cyber Monday!   What bargain do you hope to purchase today?



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