Finally Summer

On this particular work day, what I wore was initially inspired by the Channel 5 weather girl:  Oh!  She’s wearing a white sheath dress!  That looks nice, I think I will too!  That was an easy start…

But the styling options with a simple white sheath are endless – black, tan, navy, anything goes!  Since it was finally a warm sunny day, it made sense to choose options that I didn’t wear in other seasons…paprika suede pumps (Ann Taylor) and a lightweight navy jacket by Elie Tahari.  Navy and orange are such a great color combo!

The jacket is collarless with very clean lines and slits on the sides; definitely not your typical preppy navy blazer.

And how about this lipstick? I love wearing rich oranges in the summer, this is a new line by Laura Mercier:  ‘Extreme velour matte lipstick’…I have actually layered two colors here, applied FIRE first, then brightened it up with a top layer of STYLIN.

A lightweight linen scarf with just enough touches of navy and orange…

Grabbed my fave summer ‘no-name’ handbag, and off I go!

Whether you’re working like me, or waking up in a summer cottage,  summer styles are wonderful either way!    Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

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