Finding The Perfect White Jeans

Regardless of the time of year, white jeans are a much loved staple in my casual wardrobe. With boots and turtlenecks in the winter, with sandals and colorful tops in the summer, and a must for all vacations! But it can be tricky to find the perfect white jeans, much more so than blue denim. Why? Because white accentuates every lump and bump, white can be more see-through, white simply draws attention.

Here in December I was wearing a pair of AG skinny jeans, in a lightweight waxed cotton…they were about seven years old and I was looking to replace them primarily because they were no longer super comfortable…the waist was a mid-rise, just a bit too low and constricting. Did my body change over time or did the jeans change? Who knows!!!

Whenever I was out shopping I kept an eye out for white jeans, open to a variety of brands…tried on Rag and Bone one day while out with hubby…”Those don’t look good.”, he said frankly. Yeah, he’s right. Tried the same brand in a different style…”No.” Ugh. Multiple attempts over many months without success – until recently!

Funny enough, on this particular day (again out with Peter) I found TWO pair that were great, and different enough to rationalize getting both. Candy tested, Peter approved. 🙂

Ta-da! Winner #1: Seven for All Mankind high waisted skinny jeans with exposed buttons…super comfortable!

Tight enough to be flattering, but plenty of room to tuck in a shirt…

And winner #2: Seven For All Mankind high waisted cropped wide legs. Also super comfy, and the wide leg is a fun change from the skinnies. Important note here – because I am short (5’3″) the cropped length was not short enough for my liking – a simple alteration, taking off a couple of inches, felt more in proportion to my height. (Neiman’s did it, no charge.)

When I look in my closet, most of my jeans are Seven brand, so it’s not surprising that their white jeans worked on me. It’s good to know your personal best brands when out on the hunt! Here are some other pointers to keep in mind when looking for white jeans:

  • Beware of fabrics that feel very soft – it is generally a heavier denim that will be more flattering.
  • Beware of too much stretch! They may seem so comfortable when you try them on, but the fabric will mold to every lump and bump and they will stretch out excessively (and be baggy) with wear. These Sevens have 1% spandex – plenty of give but still they have the ability to ‘hold you in’.
  • Take along a shopping partner that you trust. Sales people are not going to be as objective when they are trying to make a sale! (Hubby was always brutally honest.)
  • Be patient. It may take awhile, but when you put on the right one(s), you will know. “Oh wow!”, I exclaimed from the dressing room, then “Oh, wow!” again with the second pair. “Oh no,” said Peter…Hahahaha. 😉

Tell me about YOUR favorite white jeans!

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  • I wish I had a favorite pair of white jeans. I’ve yet to find them!
    Yours look terrific!

  • “High-waisted” sounds like they would be above the waist, I think it’s better to say “at the waist” or “natural waist”. Either way, I’ve always hated mid-rise or worse, low-rise jeans or pants. I find myself constantly pulling them up. It’s good to see more natural-waist choices. For a while there, you could only find them at resale shops. I’ve always loved white jeans, white skirts and dresses. Though it’s difficult to wear whites in the winter because the dirty slush on the road ends up everywhere.

    • Good point about calling them ‘natural waist’. Took me awhile to accept them because they felt like dowdy ‘mom jeans’ from my younger years! Now I love them. 🙂


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