Let’s Go Bowling!

What do you give your dad on his 87th birthday??? Another sweater? A book? A restaurant gift card?? Nah. Been there, done that. What matters most is time with family, and even better, a fun experience. “Let’s go bowling!”, my sister suggested, and so we did…

What you see above is what I wore; a Rag and Bone teeshirt, Rag and Bone jeans, and JSlides sneakers – did you not think I ever dressed this casually? Of course I do, but that’s not the whole outfit! 😉

Topped off the jeans and tee with this casual ‘athleisure’ blazer by Miller Wendt, found on a recent trip to Palm Beach. It’s a fun alternative to a sweater, and cozier to wear indoors than a denim jacket…they call this particular style the ‘love story blazer’…

There are fun emblems on both sleeves, so no mistaking this for a traditional work jacket.

Another unique detail is the detachable white hood, which is very much on trend with many labels this spring…this jacket came with a second hood, in black – with the black hood the jacket would look cool with black leather leggings. Fun to have options!

In the shop that I bought this they had adorable faux Gucci clutches – tan sequins, complete with the signature stripe and a bumble bee. Adorable. The sales woman told me enthusiastically that it would look so great with this blazer. Yes, it would. And so does my Louis look great. See??? I don’t say yes to everything. 😉

One item I did say yes to – online shopping last month – were these JSlides…what I like about them is you literally slide them on, no tying or untying, and they have a small platform so you get a bit of height – perfect if you are petite! They have many great styles and run true to size.

So here is ‘Team Medicare’, as my daughter called us! That’s ok, it’s not about how old you are, it’s about how you live your life. My father is a perfect example, looking handsome in his chambray shirt and always ready for a good time. (By the way, he tied for second place!) 😉

Happy Monday!

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