Not Too Sweet

Many moons ago, I discovered this blush pink silk skirt at Revolve…click here to see what an amazing find it was ($$$$$) and how I first styled it. The love affair continues…

As you can see from the photos, the fabric is insanely luxurious, and the way it moves begs for dancing! But no dancing on this day. For a routine day at the office, I wanted to balance the ‘sweetness’ with something not so sweet, maybe something a bit edgy too. A black cashmere turtleneck was a good start. (When all else fails, wear a black cashmere turtleneck!) ;-)

Kept the accessories fairly simple: stud earrings, a few silver bangles and a statement watch with black strap…

Now it gets even better! What better way to balance soft pink silk??? Black leather baby! Haha…this Elie Tahari jacket is as old as the hills, but the simple style and cropped waistline perfectly balanced the skirt…

On the move again! And on my feet, notice these fabulous Gucci shoes…while these particular ones are a few years old, there are many shoe brands at all price points now carrying block heels and/or bows, both of which I love!

Ok, time to stop parading through the kitchen – time to head to the office. But not before throwing on a scarf and my favorite driving gloves, the final edgy touch…

Off to work I go…into the conference room for the first meeting of the day with some of our recruitment team…as I entered the room: What’s this I see????

Blush pink seemed to be the color of the day! Hahaha!

The Bottom line:

  • To keep ultra-feminine pieces appropriate for the office, balance them with a more tailored or edgy piece.
  • Pale pink looks especially nice with black or gray – these gals all got it right!
  • Mixing different looks (sweet with edgy, or dressy with casual) is a much more current and interesting way to dress – at any age.

Have a great weekend all!

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