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Even in our more casual society, certain lines of work require a more professional image than others: Business managers. Attorneys. Politicians. (Ha!) However, when you are over 40, or over 50, or especially over 60, an overly conservative look can become matronly, and nobody wants that!

I have had this Alice and Olivia cropped metallic jacket for years, often worn over a black sleeveless sheath dress for ‘business formal’ situations. In casual situations, it’s fun worn with distressed jeans. For the middle ground, it takes a bit more creativity to avoid bearing resemblance to a Nancy Reagan or Hilary Clinton style – no disrespect but too dowdy and conservative for me. Adding an element (or two) of fun when you are wearing one clearly classic piece can change the whole look.

This nylon DVF ‘skater skirt’ was just right! Plain and simple with a touch of flirtatiousness. ūüėČ And instead of pearls, a mixed metal necklace…

Shoe choice and leg wear could make or break this whole look…with a full skirt above the knee, avoid pointy toed pumps, and avoid ballet flats. Instead, go for a round or squared toe in a mid-heel height. These block heels perfectly balance the skirt, worn with solid black Wolford tights.

Professional for sure, but not something you would see on the campaign trail! ūüėČ Haha.

Ready to head to the office on this March ‘spring’ day, but still quite chilly, so a wool coat is in order with Ginger lessons ringing in my ears: “Always dress according to the weather.” and “Don’t rush the season.”

Hopefully true spring weather is around the corner!  Happy Monday!

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