Swimsuits and Sunsets

Before the S&S pics, I must redeem myself…Remember my ‘feathered fiasco‘ last month, the less than successful outfit I wore in Palm Beach? Well, never again! I ‘recycled’ that funky feather top and will now stick to styles that I know are best for me – like this Trina Turk halter, recently found at French Lessons in Winchester…but there’s a bit more to tell about it…

Isn’t the print adorable?? Great colors with icons of exciting travel locations, New York, Miami, Palm Springs, etc…well, this was intended to be just the lining of the top!

That makes no sense!

How did I know it was the lining of the top? A large Tory Burch label complete with fabric care instructions was sewn in clear view. Why would they do that? Well, that’s not going to stop me…I have a stitch pic at home in my sewing box and I will carefully remove this entire label so that this top is reversible…

Tada! Here’s the other side, which is just as pretty – now I have two tops for the price of one. 🙂

Ok, back on track…where were these pics taken, you say? In Naples, Florida, a great place for us old folks to go for a long weekend in April…hoping for sunny weather so we could soak up some rays and I could wear some fun swimsuit outfits…

Hooray! SUN! This is a chocolate brown Despi bikini bought quite a few years ago. It has pretty turquoise bead detail and I usually wear with it a long sleeved sheer brown coverup…but, just like regular clothes, it’s fun to change it up…

A bright aqua shirt by Frank and Eileen gave it a whole new look, paired with a brown fishnet skirt. Coverups for swimsuits need not be ‘official’ coverups…be creative with shirts, tunics, or even scarves and your look will be unique.

You might have noticed that I don’t stop at a coverup when accessorizing a swimsuit…it always involves choosing a hat, sunglasses, and jewelry – yes, putting together a whole outfit…this suit is by Lisa Marie Fernandez, found at Everything But Water.

This pom pom coverup is actually just a light cotton scarf I found at Revolve – loosely tie it around your waist – instant sarong! Now notice something else in this pic – the relaxed vibe and the Caribbean feel – those are two of the many things we love about Naples…and topping the list…

The sunsets. Truly magical. People gather at the bar, on the boardwalk, on the beach, chatting with each other, sipping cocktails, taking selfies, snapping photos left and right…So very beautiful.

Even those that live here do not seem to get tired of the spectacular show of nature…

And as for Peter and I…well, the way we get excited you would think we never saw the sun set before!


A few final words:

  • This was our third visit to Naples. While it’s known for being quiet and catering to a senior crowd, we have no trouble finding fun and nightlife. People are very friendly!
  • We brought our gym clothes on this trip and never wore them once. Back home, back to the gym.
  • I brought ten pairs of shoes, wore seven of them. (Not bad!)
  • Brought three hats, wore two.
  • For every one decent pic in a swimsuit, there are five awful ones you will never see. 😉

Next trip, Grand Cayman with the family! 🙂

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  • Love this blog! You inspire me so much..just your enthusiasm for life..I love it! Thank you for that last word about the swimsuit pics we will never see.. keeping it real..I appreciate that

  • Love every single outfit but my favorite piece by far was the Tory Burch halter top. Now that is your style! So glad you and Peter had fun.


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