Bring Back ‘Beaumonde’ (the fashionable world)

You’ve heard inspirational messages about dreaming big, right? Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars…dream big, dare to fail…etc. Do you have one? What is your big dream? Are you doing something every day to get you closer to it?

Want to hear mine? No laughing please…My dream – before I go six feet under: I have helped to turn the American culture back to a more well-dressed society, a place where there are stricter dress codes, no casual Fridays, and no sports or athletic gear in public. Hey, you’re not supposed to laugh!

In October of 2013 I started this blog (at the suggestion of my daughter) with no particular goal in mind other than having some fun and being a bit of a style inspiration…now over five years later, who knows where this may lead? I haven’t changed the world yet, that’s for sure, but when I hear that someone learned about a style tip that made them happy, that makes me smile! Today I share a few Pinterest pics to define parts of my ‘obsession’…

There is nothing more fabulous (elegant, delicious, sexy, etc) than a man in a suit. A well tailored, classic suit. Regardless of a man’s age, it exudes power, confidence, respect. Every man should have at least one.

In the business world, women have many more style options than men, which can often lead to bad choices. There is a time and place to look like a ‘fashionista’, there is a time and place to look professional. When in doubt, keep it simple. In a serious business environment, here is nothing better than sticking to dark neutrals that fit well with conservative jewelry.

Guys, if you are out of college, you need more than a casual ski jacket. And for those guys out there that have kids out of college, it’s probably time for a new coat. A coat with a slim fit and length to the knee will go with business attire as well as jeans and sweaters on the weekend.

Don’t mean to be picking on you guys again, but when you are going out to a “casual” place, it doesn’t mean you should wear your sweatpants and a sports tee-shirt. Nice jeans with a turtleneck and blazer IS casual. Your lady will be impressed, trust me.

Ok, ladies, the final message is for you. You are a big girl now, time to invest in a classic wool coat and get out of that frumpy puffer! Actually, you need not even spend too much – classic coats such as pictured here can be found at very reasonable prices, especially during late winter sales. This classy look shows sophistication and can be worn dressed up or casually.

Am I getting any closer to my dream?  Would love to hear you opinions!

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  • Candy, you are a style inspiration to me. Even though I work in a fairly casual setting, I still dress nicely every day. (People even comment on this.) But I dress to please myself. Even when going out for a casual weekend breakfast, I will never wear athletic gear!


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