Foot Jewelry

No, I do not wear toe rings, nor do I wear ankle bracelets. This is simply about a pair of shoes that I can’t stop looking at when I wear them! So damn adorable they feel like jewelry on my feet!

They are by MIU MIU, a division of Prada, found on sale during the holiday season – but certainly not only for holiday attire! They are navy suede with black satin bows, rhinestone details and kitten heels – a fun shoe to wear dressed up or casually as seen here…

Recently wore them on a night out with friends, paired with cropped white jeans and a Vince navy silk teeshirt. You know when they say the dress code is ‘smart casual’, ‘upscale casual’, or ‘dressy casual’? This is one example of how to do it – relaxed and comfortable yet super elegant.

For outerwear, a navy jacket and a Burberry silk scarf. As you might notice, a Burberry scarf pulls together many of my outfits, it’s a classic look that I love. Since they get a lot of use, they are a practical purchase, aka a low ‘cost per wear’. 😉 (Can you hear Peter laughing?)

More details: With bling on my feet, I opted to go subtle with other accessories. Simple stud earrings and two delicate necklaces of mixed metals. They are fun on a tee, also very pretty on bare skin…super trendy now on Pinterest/Instagram. Nice to wear these when you want an understated look…

An easy Friday night outfit: white jeans, navy tee, understated necklaces, and statement shoes!

What do you think of the ‘foot jewelry’? Would YOU wear these shoes?

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  • I adore those shoes!! Yes I would wear them!! As usual, your entire outfit sparks joy with me.


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