Flashback to February

The good old days! Pre-COVID days when Instagram was full of influencers wearing fabulous styles in public places, worry free…this post dates back to February, 2020…

Do any of you remember the fashion trend that had gals wearing head to toe red? I mean ALL RED – top, jacket, bottom, sometimes even shoes…well, after seeing a few pics on Instagram, I thought I would give it a go! Ha. On this particular day in early March I pulled out all my red, but as you can see, I chickened out. 😉

It could be that my separates were just not good together, or, maybe the outfit would have looked too flashy for work…probably the latter. Maybe I just need time to get used to it…for now, this is what felt right to me…

ONE red piece. Bold red wide-legged pants by Alice and Olivia, with a bright white ‘143’ brand tee, and a fabulous navy blazer by Smythe…for shoes, you can’t go wrong with a neutral metallic heel…

You think a plain white tee is anything to get excited about? Yeah, it is…the fit, the fabric, the little cap sleeves…it’s a great basic top, by itself or under a blazer…’143′ brand.

For a bit of understated bling, I added a few delicate necklaces, both gold and silver, mixing different shapes…

While this might be considered a preppy look, my style is anything but preppy! Instead, I would call this ‘sophisticated classic’and cannot help but think of my mother…Ginger would have loved every piece…

Including my outerwear choices….this luxurious Louis Vuitton scarf was a treat to myself when on a trip to London many moons ago…the traditional golden brown color is my favorite, but there are many other colors to choose from – and – they have been known to pop up in Revolve now and then! 😉

Classic chic to the max with this lightweight camel topper – a perfect layering piece for spring and fall…

Yes, I went the conservative route, but at the time it felt just right. Maybe when this pandemic is all over I will try wearing ALL RED, head to toe!

Would YOU?

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  • Love each piece of this outfit. I am not quite the risk taker you are with fashion. I have been known to add red shoes to many outfits. I have red handbags. red coats, red pants for each season, and a couple of red dresses. But even as much as I love red, I don’t know if I would be able to do red head to toe. I fear that might garner more attention than I desire.


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