Flip-Flops: Yay or Nay?

As you might remember, my ‘elderly’ friend says yes to flip flops because comfort always comes first. Not that this was a lengthy discussion, but I will use this as an opportunity to open the topic with you! I will present my two cents, then let’s hear what YOU all think…

Unless you are at the beach, by the pool, or hanging out in your own backyard, I say NO NO NO to flip-flops, for both men and women alike. Regardless if they are made of the finest leather from the hills of Italy, regardless if they are encrusted with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, they are not attractive, they do not flatter your feet and/or legs, and to me – they send a huge signal of laziness, not style.

Tevas? Ugh – just as bad. Save them for wading through the rocky streams of Maine – never around town, never in a restaurant! What about ‘nice’ leather sandals – exposing the feet, but not a flip-flop? For men, these sometimes can look stylish with shorts in the summer, or even with linen pants, as long as your feet/nails are well-groomed...same for the ladies: if you keep up with your pedicures, sandals with or without a heel can look pretty in warm weather.

What about Birkenstocks and all the trendy varieties out there now? Well, even though I have a pair (tan leather with just one strap and a shiny gold buckle), IMO they are really just a step up from flip-flops. While they are super comfortable, I always aim for style and comfort. They might be cute with a sundress on a hot summer day, or with shorts to a BBQ, but never with jeans or out in the evening. I wear mine mostly around the house as a slipper alternative and in my yard. That very FLAT, ‘let your feet spread’ look is just not attractive. For both sexes, simple slip-on sneakers, leather moccasins, or boat shoes are all more flattering flats and look much more put together.

Before closing, let me say that I understand that some people have foot issues that may necessitate them wearing a flip-flop or similar ‘comfort shoe’. Let’s put foot conditions aside as you share your opinions. 😉

SO – what do you say? Flip-flops: yay or nay???

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  • Nay nay nay… only for around the house, to the beach or pool. No to any sandal that makes the slap slap flap flap sound around the office.

  • Flip flop are ugly and sloppy. And, flip-flops don’t provide any support, so aren’t good for your feet, even if they feel comfortable now. You may pay a price later.

  • Flip flops are dangerous. Worst shoe ever, my grandmother would’nt even allow it to be considered as a shoe. Being first generation from a Swedish family I was taught that our soles had to be raised off the ground, to keep you from getting sick (cold ground) . Wood is a good insulator and keeps body heat from escaping. Flat shoes we were told are terrible for posture and your joints and of course that wooden clogs were the best option because they keep your posture straight, and correct any spine issues. They last forever and are the first ancient orthopedic designed shoes. I just recently gifted my grand daughters with clogs hand made in Poland and hope the tradition continues.

    • So interesting! I am so much more comfortable in a heel – AND – I have had many pairs of clogs, worn as a nurse as well as for fashion.
      Thanks for your comment!


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