Business casual attire can be interpreted in many, many ways, depending on your line of work, your office dress code, your personal preferences,  and the mood you happen to be in!  On this day my upbeat mood led me to this ‘flirty’ ensemble of some of my favorite pieces…
What makes this flirty? Besides my silly antics here, the Wolford tights and the white booties!  These particular tights I have worn for over eight years, so while they are in the $60 range, they are a great value. The white booties by Rag and Bone have been fun to experiment with, wearing them in different ways: with bare legs, black tights, skinny jeans,  black leggings, a red dress, etc…I like them worn as a neutral as an alternative to black shoes.  You wonder if you need to have small feet to wear white shoes?  No!  (I’m a size 8.5)  You think white shoes are just for summer? No again!  They are so much fun…

To keep a somewhat serious perspective, a classic black wool blazer (by Smythe) with impeccable tailoring.  Yeah, an investment piece.

Smooth and simple underneath: a fitted Wolford top with cultured pearls that belonged to Ginger. Can you tell that the pearls are real? Probably not, but the weight and feel is different than faux, and  as Ginger used to say, it’s ‘pride of ownership’.  🙂

Getting ready to hit the road on this chilly day meant my warmest Burberry scarf and a dramatic fur hat…

You think I am ‘overdressed’ for an ordinary Monday? One of my basic principles of dressing is to wear and enjoy your nicest things every single day.  What are you saving them for – a so-called ‘special occasion’?  Pfft!  Every day is special.  YOU are special.  Does it make you smile? Wear it today.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  • You look so beautiful! I love every single piece of your ensemble! You dress appropriately for the weather as well. The governor in the state where I work closed state offices today and I think every county did as well. We have a dusting of snow. So I’ve got the day off. But if we go back tomorrow, I will have to put on wool pants. I can’t wear a dress when it’s 30 degrees

    • Thank you Lori! Do you wear tights under pants? I find that wearing a dress is warmer because tights hug your legs.

  • Too much going on between the sheer skirt, patterned tights and white boots. I love the Wolford top.


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