My Instant Pot Obsession

It was my daughter’s idea – “You should get Peter an Instant Pot for Christmas, he would love it.” Sounded good to me, he does like to cook and this would be great for our busy lives. I ordered the 8qt model on Amazon and he was both surprised and delighted on Christmas morning. After trying it a few times, he is more than delighted and I am obsessed!

So far we have only used it as a pressure cooker, not yet as a slow cooker. Not only does it cook a full meal in an insanely short amount of time, it is so much BETTER than traditional methods. Truly AMAZING. We made a super tender pot roast with gravy in 70 minutes…falling of the bone baby back ribs in an hour…pulled pork in 90 minutes. One day on my way home from work I picked up a 7 pound roaster chicken to have with a salad and roasted asparagus. The whole chicken (so juicy and tender) was done in 45 minutes! The juices/broth remaining in the pot were so yummy (lemon juice and chicken broth) that I actually made a quick soup after dinner that we had the next night. So delicious!

This cookbook also came from Amazon and the recipes are exactly what the cover says: quick and easy. Honestly, because my work is so time consuming, it has literally been years since I have enjoyed looking at recipes or been this excited about cooking.

Recently when in a Stamford, CT diner, I ordered a chicken/quinoa dish for lunch that was to die for. There was nothing similar in this cookbook, so I Googled it and found something that looked close…it’s called 6 Ingredient Instant Pot Chicken, Tomatoes and Quinoa…I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, and I also added a cup of sliced portobello mushrooms.

Just dump in the raw ingredients!

And miracle of miracles, only TEN MINUTES LATER…

Colorful, flavorful, and healthy!

Amazing, right?

With a glass of wine, a perfect dinner for a cold winter night!

The next recipe I am going to try is beef stew, maybe after that a teriyaki pork tenderloin roast. This may have been a gift to Peter, but I am having a blast with it and he is loving the results. ;-)

Do you have an Instant Pot? If you are considering one, I am glad to answer any questions! #obsessedwithinstantpot

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