Honey, I’m Home!

A blustery cold January day in the middle of the work week…finally home from a business trip, waiting for hubby. Hooray, I hear him opening the door! Oh my goodness, look at you! You are the king of layering! Please! Can I take a few pictures??? Of course. ;-)

These pics are less about what brands Peter is wearing, more about how he put together these classic pieces to be stylish and warm in a business casual setting. Being warm is important to Peter – warm outdoors, and warm in an office that can be quite chilly. Looking stylish is important to him as well and over the years he has learned that the two are not mutually exclusive. No need to wear a ‘too casual’ ski jacket to work. A three quarter length wool topcoat is perfect for a business look, and looks just as nice with jeans and a turtleneck on the weekend.

Off comes the coat and underneath: a polished look from top to bottom. The lightweight wool scarf is an essential style accessory that Peter promptly removes when indoors. (That’s ok!)

The glen-plaid cashmere blazer is as versatile as the topcoat in terms of going from work to weekend wear. This particular one is a somewhat ‘roomy’ fit on Peter, so it looks better when worn with layers. (Remember: a  baggy blazer = old man and/or sloppy)

What’s under the blazer? Another layer of course! A lightweight fitted cardigan with the top and bottom buttons left undone for a more relaxed look.

The Bottom Line:

  • Save the fleece and puffers for casual wear.
  • Regardless of your job, a 3/4 length topcoat gives you instant polish.
  • If your topcoat is baggy and hits well below your knees, time to ditch it!
  • Mixing plaid with prints, mixing lightweight wool (pants, sweater) with heavier wool (jacket) all make for a more interesting look.
  • Not shown here, but leather gloves are a must, and a stylish hat if you will be out in the elements.

Thank you Peter! :-)

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