January Purge

How do you know when it’s time to do a closet purge? The change of seasons is always a good time, but there is really no need to wait for spring. An overloaded closet makes it more difficult to get dressed in the morning and it may give you the false impression that you don’t need to buy anything new. (Horrors!) After the holidays, and after our Caribbean vacation, it was clear to me that my exploding drawers and closet held many things that I was not wearing, things that no longer ‘sparked joy’.

It is not that I tire of things easily, or that I always want a new outfit – quite the opposite. When I really love something, I will hold onto it forever and wear it even with signs of wear. And when I do buy something new, it is often similar to other items in my closet, whether it’s the style, the color, or both.

You might be wondering why certain items are not being worn, and why they no longer spark joy if they did when I bought them. Right? Good questions. Sometimes it’s as simple as being ‘sick of it’, ‘worn it to death’, or ‘time for a change.’ Another reason to come to terms with: You made a mistake. You probably shouldn’t have bought it. Most of the time when you buy something new, especially if it’s a new brand or a new style for you, it’s a risk. You don’t know if you are going to really love it until you wear it, until you fully experience it in your life.

So. On a recent Saturday, I went through ALL my clothes, shoes, jewelry, swimsuits, sweaters, etc. If it was something I have not worn in over a year, or, if I did wear it but without enthusiasm, it went in a pile. The pile grew and grew. In midst of this project my daughter called me to meet for coffee – “Sorry, not now, I’m in the middle of a major closet purge.” “OMG, YAY!” she replied…Yeah, she got first dibs before I headed to Revolve. 🙂

Truth be told, it is not easy getting rid of things that are ‘perfectly nice’. You must make up your mind, set your parameters, and do it. Once you do, it feels great! Less clutter, a neater closet, and only things that you love. Here are some examples from my recent purge:

  • A bold multi-strand pearl necklace – very pretty but I never wear it because it’s so darn heavy.
  • Gianvito Rossi suede sandals – A pricey mistake: beautiful, perfect with resort wear, comfortable when I try them on – BUT not comfortable for walking.  Walking pain-free is essential!
  • Wolford black lace top – never was crazy about the neckline or the feel of the fabric.
  • Aquatalia black suede shoes – they kill my feet after 5 minutes. At least they were a bargain…
  • Trina Turk multi-colored bikini – too ‘girly’ for my current taste. Wore it for over 10 years!
  • A black tote from Zara – never carried it, too bulky.
  • Black wool Mackage jacket – this one was tough to let go, but the fitted knit sleeves limited what you could comfortably wear underneath.
  • Seven 4 All Mankind fringed jeans – the ‘cropped’ length was not cropped enough on me, felt frumpy in them.
  • Cashmere and fox fur pompom hat – the loose knit of hat not warm enough.
  • JMcLaughlin blue/white dress – great dress, it’s just time to say goodbye, it’s been in enough vacation pictures!

OK ladies, now it’s your turn! If you are stuck indoors this weekend during a snowstorm, head to your closet and get to work! Once your purge is completed – share items with a friend, donate to charity, or consign and make a few dollars! It’s a win-win for everyone. 😉

Never keep shoes that are not comfortable!!!

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