Go-go Boots!

When I was twelve years old in 1970, I had a pair of white ‘Go-go boots’ and would have slept in them if my mother let me. With long hair down to my waist and these flat boots, I felt pretty darn cool. ūüėČ

From wikipedia:

The term go-go is derived from the French expression √† gogo, meaning “in abundance, galore”,[7] which is in turn derived from the ancient French word la gogue for “joy, happiness”.[8] The term “go-go” has also been explained as a 1964 back-formation of the 1962 slang term “go”, meaning something that was “all the rage”; the term “go-go dancer” first appeared in print in 1965.[9] The go-go boot is presumed to have been named after the dance style.[5][10]

What goes around, comes around! Forty-seven years later, in these boots by Rag and Bone, I feel just as cool! ¬†Not quite a true ‘Go-go’ which was either flat or had a short block heel, they still took me back to my childhood and definitely sparked joy…

When shopping in Rag and Bone, I originally tried these on in black patent leather…they were cute, but only had a size that were too big for me. Just for sizing, I asked to try the white. Oh boy. Once I put them on, I literally could not stop smiling and started to dance in the dressing room! ¬†How could I resist? They are a fun neutral that work just as well for ‘Business Casual’ as for weekend wear…here worn out in the evening to dinner and a concert with friends… With black on black and glitzy accessories, the boots popped and added to the glamorous look. ¬†Did you notice the swarovski ¬†crystal clutch? ¬†That was my ‘mother-of-the-bride’ purse! ¬†No need to keep ‘dressy’ accessories only for special occasions and/or with a cocktail dress – enjoy them everyday! It gives you more bang for your buck and adds fun to your casual outfits, even jeans. Here is a day when I wore them to work, with a black knit dress, bare legs, and a few long necklaces. With a soft leather blazer, this whole look is suitable for the office and would transition well if you were going out for cocktails after work.

While both outfits shown in this post are all black, there are many other ways to wear these boots Рwith skinny blue jeans, with a red skirt or dress, with camel, with all ivory.  While they are a statement boot for sure, they will go with just about anything.  And guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Did any of you have Go-go boots??? Ready to give them another go? 

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  • I totally remember my Go-Go boots!!! ‚̧ My all time favorite outfit back then was my yellow mini with a big shiny black belt and my Go-Gos. Probably would have worn that everyday if I could!

    Love your updated Go-Gos!

  • I did not have any go-go boots:( I had to wear saddle oxfords to school and I had red patent leather mary janes that I begged my grandmother for, and wore for all other occasions. Love your white boots. I’ve seen them all over the blogs and magazines. You absolutely rock them!


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