Let It Rain!

“Always dress according to the weather – not only to be comfortable, but you look silly if you don’t.” Lesson from Ginger. Lesson well learned.  As a youngster I always had a yellow rubber ‘slicker’, as a grown woman I advanced to a Burberry trench coat. But without a hood it was not always very practical. Carry a handbag, a briefcase, and an umbrella too??? No thanks. Hence my purchases over the years of various rain jackets/coats with hoods – with my latest purchase seen above. It is a Barbour, in water repellent, breathable nylon, found this summer at a shop in Chatham.  This is clearly a casual jacket, but styled carefully it worked with my Business Casual outfit…




Unlike this classic Barbour waxed jacket, a hand-me-down from Ginger – while I do like it, the outdoorsy look and boxy fit was just not for me and I would never wear it with any business attire.  I let it go and am pleased that another family member is now enjoying it…


JMcLaughlin cardigan, Pink shirt, Versace belt and JCrew skirt both from Revolve/Belmont

Just as important as a good raincoat is footgear.  Many gals wear flat Hunter boots which are a cute option for after hours or on the weekend. But for when you are more dressed up?  No way, not on this gal.  Gotta have a bit of a heel.  These rubber boots by Marc Jacobs I found many moons ago at Barney’s in the $100 range.  Black patent leather would be another stylish option.  Wearing a boot like this to work means selecting your outfit carefully. Pants tucked it too casual. Pants on the outside too sloppy. Skirt below the knee too schlumpy. Choose a dress or skirt that falls above the knee worn with or without tights. With the mustard colored jacket I made sure what was underneath would complement the pop of color. A glen plaid skirt topped with a white shirt and black cardigan provided a classic look that works for the office setting, especially if you are in and out of the car all day. Successfully dressed according to the weather on a rainy fall day.

Now. How about dressing for the rain when temperatures are just above freezing?  That’s a whole different story, and the solution may surprise you. Stay tuned…;-)

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