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Rag and Bone hat, Ralph Lauren blazer, Pakros boots (The Tannery)
Rag and Bone hat, Ralph Lauren blazer, Pakros boots (The Tannery)

As many young girls try on their mother’s high heels, I can remember trying on Ginger’s hats – she actually did not have a huge selection, but she favored wide brims and the drama of that sure appealed to me….I have always loved hats and wear them fairly often, especially when the weather turns cool…..since I hit middle age, when I am out in the elements I cannot be warm without a hat – what a great excuse to be more stylish, right? Ok, truth be told, in the picture above, I wore the hat out and about on a Sunday afternoon – strictly for the style…..there are many hat options that offer a combination of style and function – the variations are endless and your face shape and head size will play a big part in what looks and feels good – try on many before you choose.


One tip when trying on a fedora style hat or other brimmed hat is to wear it on top of your head, not on the back of your head – makes a huge difference! It should actually cover at least half of your forehead…..

Capo wool felt hat from Austria
Capo wool felt hat from Austria

This black wool hat I actually found recently at Revolve in Belmont – tags still on it! It is glamorous yet the brim is narrow enough that I am comfortable driving in the car, and I can fold in up in my purse indoors….looks nice with a business casual outfit, and will also look cute with jeans or leggings…..

Wool beret (old!) Jacket from Irresistibles in Concord
Wool beret (old!)
Jacket from Irresistibles in Concord

My wool beret is for sure a major Ginger influence! She put them on my sister and me as kids (my sister hates them!) and I have been wearing ever since….this one I probably bought thirty years ago! They are a classic and always available at Nordstroms, in loads of different colors – just be sure it is comfortable (never too tight) and wear it low, not on the back of your head.

Ginger in a Helen Kaminski hat...around 1990
Ginger in a Helen Kaminski hat…around 1990

Here is Ginger in a great Helen Kaminski hat (but I must say worn a bit too far back on her head)…..
Once you start wearing hats, you may become addicted…..when I leave the house in chilly weather it is always with a complete outerwear ensemble: jacket, scarf, gloves, hat. Head to toe style!

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