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Crazy as it may sound, I firmly believe that clothes affect not only how you look, but also how you feel.  When you wear pieces that you love, you carry yourself differently, it can contribute to confidence, and it can affect your mood. Have you ever had a crappy day and when you get home you immediately take everything off?? It doesn’t mean the clothes caused the bad day, but the outfit becomes part of your day . And since you have full control of what you wear, why not take advantage of that and start the day off right?

Whatever comes my way, I will be ready to face it head on in this bold yellow blazer! It brightens up black separates like a glowing ray of sunshine. This particular shade of yellow looks great with black or navy, and works well with olive skin tones. If you have more of a fair complexion, a more mustard yellow would probably be a better choice. Love the color. Love the fit. Love the fabric.

I also love BOWS!

As you see here, this is really just a long, skinny scarf…when I am shopping I always keep an eye out for something that will make a nice floppy bow.

This pencil skirt makes me happy for multiple reasons: I lifted my shirt so you can see the slip-on style and the very easy waistband – super comfortable and super flattering. It is faux leather, a basic piece by Wolford that is worth every penny. Conservative enough to wear to work, and you can also sex it up to wear with high heels on date night!

Happy in the dead of winter means glamorous outerwear! If you have a fur coat – faux or real – wear it! Don’t save it for next years Christmas party for goodness sake. And do you have a hat that makes you happy? This dramatic fur hat is by Surell – it is so much fun to wear and so toasty warm that I get excited when it’s cold enough to wear it. One lesson I remember from Ginger was that if your head and feet and warm, you won’t be cold. 😉 On my feet: good ol’ Aquatalia suede boots. Chic + warm = happy.

OK now – the first thing that comes to your mind – what are YOUR ‘Happy Clothes’? Tell me your TOP THREE!

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  • I love shoes. So two of my 3 favs are shoes,. The first is a pair of red loafers my grandmother bought me about 25 years ago. I still wear them. The 2nd favorite item is a pair of red, suede ballet flats. And finally, a tweed blazer that belonged to my mom. It is mostly black with just a tiny bit of aqua. Fits like it was made for me. All three bring me such joy to wear.


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