When One Door Closes…

This post has only two photos but a story that must be shared about how small details make a big difference and how wonderful it is to find reliable, talented craftsmen.

Five years ago, I decided to restyle my mother’s full length mink coat and had the significant alterations done at a place in Framingham: slimmed and shortened the sleeves, added a collar, and shortened the length to mid-calf. Huge improvement! This year, however, I realized that I was hardly ever wearing it, though I do wear another fur on a regular basis. What was the issue? I felt schlumpy in it.

One day when shopping in Whole Foods I saw a woman wearing a very similar mink coat…OMG, I thought – that’s how I look – like every other middle aged woman in a long mink – overwhelmed by the coat, lacking proportion and style. I need to get my coat shortened again! With about 8 inches taken off it will be just above my knee, much more comfortable to wear and way more flattering. Off I went to my trusted tailor, Jacques Tailoring, hoping he could do it and save me from a trip to Framingham…

Jacques did not have the necessary equipment to do fur alterations, but recommended me to a business close by, Suphi Furs in Watertown. What a great find! Suphi is the owner of this family business, super nice, and a true craftsman. We chatted at length about what I had in mind, he made some recommendations about the type of hem, and I decided to go for it…two weeks later I picked it up…

It feels like a whole new coat! No longer does it look like an ‘old lady’ mink – it feels hip, current, and way more flattering to my frame. Perfect to throw on with jeans, a great ‘everyday’ fur to wear with anything! But the story does not end here…

Remember my 40 Hour trip to Stowe, Vermont? While the trip was brief, I did visit one of my favorite shops, Well Heeled, where there were so many fabulous pieces, one of which was a black and white cowhide belt. They did not have the size I needed, but I was told that it was very easy for a cobbler to cut the belt to my size and reattach the buckle. I really loved the belt, and I do have a great cobbler, so why not? Ok, I’ll take it!

Fast forward a week later…it is Saturday, I am going to pick up my fur today, but first need to stop at the cobbler to drop off the belt…I walked into the shop and an eccentric Cambridge woman said to me, “You know they are closing for good in two hours?” W H A T ? ? ? ? ? ? :-0 I have relied on this cobbler for over thirty years! NO!!! What will I do??? My inner voice stepped in…Calm down, Candy, it’s not the end of the world, you will find another cobbler…Ok, ok. I gave Nick a big hug, wished him well, and headed over to Suphi Furs to pick up my coat.

Ooh! Maybe Suphi will know someone, I will show him my belt and see if he has any ideas…well, he did know of a few local cobblers that I will try, but that’s not the best part of the story. He pulled out some tools from the back of his shop and fixed my belt on the spot while I waited! Such a nice guy!

So, as the saying goes, when one door closes….yes, another door opens…Suphi Furs was a great find, but now I do need to find a good cobbler.

Stay tuned!

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  • I have a fur coat that was my Mom’s. I never wear it because it’s not really my style. I’ve thought about having it made into a short coat (waist length?) or a vest. I don’t wear it so I should do something. Just not sure what. Love your remade coat and your new belt.

    • I highly recommend restyling a fur! Especially if it also has sentimental value. 🙂


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