Androgyny Appeal

Some of my favorite outfits are ones that balance two different looks – a dressy blouse with distressed jeans, sneakers with a sexy dress, or a masculine style with something feminine, as seen here…

No, this is not Peter’s tie, it is really not a tie at all…it is my silk ‘scarf’ that I usually wear as a floppy bow. Instead of tying a bow, I made a simple knot and embraced the androgyny!

This Anne Fontaine shirt (found at Revolve!) was my inspiration for the look…in this pic you can see the details that make it so special: the wide pinstripes and the unique pointed collar. I also love the generous cuffs that look cool popped over your jacket sleeve.

The unlined leather blazer is a fun piece that I have had for years, it’s a year round piece that works with jeans or business attire. The style is a nice change from a traditional blazer, and it adds a different texture. The red skirt you have seen me wear before, a great business casual basic. Because it’s on the short side, I usually opt for dark tights.

Getting ready to head out means grabbing scarf, hat, and gloves…here my two-sided Burberry. Lately I am also embracing wearing red with red – instead of just one ‘pop of color’, I might go for two, or even three pieces. It’s fun, it’s bold, it’s standout style!

Ready to hit the road! And betcha can’t help but notice the butterscotch ball of fur – my little pet! It’s a keychain/handbag accessory that I recently found in the Zitomer Pharmacy in NYC – NOT your typical pharmacy, but a place you could browse for hours; they have clothing, makeup, jewelry, really unique pieces. If you visit New York, you have to check it out! I couldn’t find the keychain on their website, but you can easily call to order – they come in other colors too…a simple luxury for $65. ;-)

Happy Tuesday ladies!

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  • I ordered a fur pom pom to add to a hat that I felt was a little too plain. Now I love it! It’s freezing cold down here too. When we went out for dinner this evening, I had to bring out the fur, hat, gloves, and scarf. I’m so tired of winter. Love your outfit!


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