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Around this time of year, aren’t you ready to put away your heavy winter clothes? Aren’t you longing for bare legs and leaving home with just a light jacket? Well, if you live in New England you will have to wait a bit longer, but you can still lighten up your look and still be warm.

The first step on this day was to go bright with white! White is a year round color with the right fabrics. This Theory blazer is a synthetic fabric that works in any season…

Underneath, a fitted cashmere turtleneck with a synthetic skirt by JMcLaughlin – many years old and still sparking joy. Already feeling better!

Did you notice the cool necklace? I call it my ‘moon and star’ – it looks like two necklaces but it’s just one…the chains/pendants are different colors, making it more fun and super versatile. Found it at Revolve for $24! A bit of whimsy can also add lightness, but what adds lightness most of all?

Silky smooth legs! The next best thing to bare legs are these ‘tights’ by Wolford. They call them tights but they look very sheer, they have a nice sheen, and they are super soft. The wide waistband does not cut in to your stomach, and they are remarkably durable.

You have to try them! Pure 10 Tights – they come in several different shades, the one I’m wearing is GOBI. $61. You will thank me. 🙂

Ok, that’s the extent of my lightening up. Time to grab the ‘it’s still winter’ musts, starting with a lush wool scarf…

Hat, scarf, gloves, then off I go!

Soon it will be spring – in the meantime, how do you lighten up?

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  • It is still cool here in the mornings, upper 40s. But the afternoons are in the low 60s. I lighten up by wearing lighter colored sweaters (Ralph Lauren crewnecks and cardigans are my favorite) and lighter, brighter loafers.


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