Feathered Fiasco

After being sick with a lingering cold/flu for over three weeks I was very much looking forward to a weekend away in Palm Beach – warm weather, time with hubby, a bit of shopping, and one great restaurant after the next. Packed my bags in no time with some of my most glamorous outfits fitting for this ‘over the top’ destination – including one unique new top I found at Revolve months ago that Peter had not seen. Friday night we had plans to meet friends for dinner, and that’s what I decided to wear..

“Wow,” said Peter. Hmmm. “That didn’t sound like a good wow, don’t you like it?” Silence. “Actually, no,” says Peter. “Why, because you can’t see my boobs?? This is art!” I replied indignantly. “It looks like you are hiding something, like boobs that are hanging down to your waist.” Great. That’s just great. Now what? Off it goes and I change into white jeans with a pink top…”What are you doing? Don’t change! You like it! What do I know???”

Ugh. Ok. I do like it, it’s different and creative. Off go the jeans, back to the original outfit. Enough! Let’s go downstairs and get a drink!

We ordered drinks and shared a few laughs, chatting about our day and the Palm Beach culture…when the bartender offered to take our picture, of course we said yes!

Peter looking so dapper in his new blazer from Cremieux, purchased earlier this same day…

What happened in the next two minutes I knew would end up on this blog…Peter takes a pic of me. I look at the pic. I hand him back the camera. I turn to my cosmo and literally down it in one gulp, then turn to Peter and say, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Not sure what it was, but something felt wrong. I went up to the room and quickly changed. Put on a pink linen blouse with a white ‘skort’ by Alice and Olivia (the jeans felt too predictable). Five minutes later…

Like this better Peter? Yes, thumbs up. To be honest, I was still on the fence about the feathered top, and couldn’t wait to show my trusted friend the pics when we met her for dinner. She will absolutely LOVE IT! She will say I should have worn it tonight!

Fast forward to dinner with our friends…yummy food and drinks at Cucina Palm Beach in an atmosphere buzzing with energy…after we caught up on a variety of topics I told my friend that I needed her opinion on an outfit. “Let me see!” she enthusiastically replied. I confidently pull out the camera to show her the pics, hoping poor Peter will not feel too badly. She responds immediately.

“NO WAY. This is not you. Save it for when you are 80. ” Are ya kidding??? Really??? Peter laughs. Wow. I took a chance trying to be different and it didn’t seem to work. (And it wasn’t a bargain either! Damn.) Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…

Even a fashion blogger makes bad choices. ;-) Thank you Peter and Joanne!

BUT WAIT – maybe some of you have a different opinion – please share in the comment section! (Fyi, when you leave a comment it does not show up immediately, but you will see it within 24 hours.)

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  • You know I must comment!!!!
    Although the top is a statement piece….let’s talk about it for a minute. You work too hard to maintain your figure, and have plenty of time to wear something that’s meant to hide “whatever”
    What you left out was that I suggested a different bottom to maybe show off what Ginger gave you! Maybe I was quick tongued to suggest waiting till eighty, my point being you are able to wear what you want, not what you have too!
    That my friend is a good place to be!!!
    Don’t get rid of the top just yet, but, maybe show us some choices, and hear some suggestions.
    XO- Gail King

    • Love you Gail! If I had on black leather short shorts on the bottom, I don’t think Peter would like it any better! ;-)

  • Candy, you look like you’re around 40. Your figure looks like a model. But that dress is for someone much older. A Palm Beach grand dame perhaps? The pink and white outfit was totally you.

    • Hilarious Lori! I have not had one person say that they like it! Gotta wonder, what was I thinking??? Maybe the appeal was it being so different than my typical style which is usually more body conscious. Thanks for your feedback!


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