Silk and Satin

What better way to greet the month of March than with pale hues of silk and satin! It’s still chilly most days, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like it is the middle of winter – with warm outerwear your inside outfit can be lighter in weight, and less layered – and boy does that feel good!

The trick to dressing in between seasons is to also avoid looking too summery. You can’t wrong with most synthetic blend fabrics, silks and satins included. Here I chose lighter fabrics as well as lighter colors; an off white silk blouse by Equipment and a simple satin pull-on skirt by Vince…they are both versatile neutrals that can be worn year round, dressed up or dressed down.

Leather riding boots nicely balance the delicate satin skirt – and another treat this time of year is to forego tights!

After trying a few belt and necklace options, I decided that the skirt and blouse looked best on their own, a minimalist look of simple elegance. But not too simple! Accessories to balance the dressy fabrics: a wrist of casual bracelets and bold tortoise shell earrings.

To keep with the warm neutrals (and to keep warm if need be), a classic Louis Vuitton scarf…a leopard print scarf or a cream/white print would be other nice options. Avoid a ‘pop of color’ which would change the whole soft monochromatic look…

A white and tan two-toned handbag kept the light theme going…this bag is actually a ‘no name’ that I found in a hotel gift shop. Doesn’t matter if it’s a designer name, as long as you love it!

What’s this, you say? A winter coat? Yessiree. One Ginger lesson that still rings in my head is ‘always dress according to the weather’. She would say, “not only will you be more comfortable, but you will look better.” With March winds blowing, I am glad to be wearing my Mackage wool coat.

So don’t put those winter coats away yet ladies – true spring weather will be here soon enough!

Happy Monday! 🙂

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  • Hi, love the LV scarf, where did you find it? I have never seen the scarf…thanks.

    • Hi Debra,
      I got it at a LV shop in London. (It was a holiday splurge!) They are still available in any LV shop or online.


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