Happy Mother’s Day

Little Hayley and me with massive perm!

For all you mothers out there who will enjoy the royal treatment today, Happy Mother’s Day! As for me, there will be no brunch. There will be no lunch at a fancy restaurant, and I will probably be hosting the family Sunday dinner as usual, and with pleasure!

As for my mother – Ginger – while she passed away in 2004, her influence and inspiration lives on, not only to me, but to all who knew her…

The years have flown by since 2004, and now I am experiencing my own daughter as a mother to 4yr old Henry and 2yr old Emily…for anyone with kids these ages, you know that it is a daily challenge – everything from mealtime to bedtime – rainy day activities to sunny days at the park – balancing work, managing friendships, and trying to stay connected to your spouse. With great pride I love watching my daughter as she patiently handles each delicate situation in her own unique way…

Last Sunday we were gathered at my house enjoying ‘happy hour’ for Cinco de Mayo…loud Mexican music playing, skinny Margaritas, and a table full of themed appetizers…always a good time at Gigi and Papou’s house! Emily was sitting at the kitchen island with us grownups, wearing a new Lily Pulitzer outfit, flowered leggings and a ruffled cotton tunic.

As a little one who is an adventurous eater, she was dipping tortilla chips in guacamole with delight, eating mouthfuls one after the next with great passion – there is actually an Armenian word for this: “eating with “ishta”! As she was enjoying the snack, a few times she would miss her mouth and the green guac would fall on her pretty aqua top. “Hayley,” I said, “She’s getting it all over her outfit.” To which Hayley calmly replied, “That’s ok, she’s enjoying it.”

Wow. How sweet is that? And that’s how life should be – especially for a child! Clothes can be washed. I was so touched by this and must admit she did not learn this from me and I never learned anything like that from Ginger. Nice job Hayley! This is just one tiny example of what a great mom you are and I am truly proud. It just goes to show – sometimes we don’t only learn from our mothers, we learn from our daughters too. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

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  • Love that story Candy! Thanks for sharing. So very, very true. Happy Mother’s Day to you

  • So true Candy… as the Nanny to 6 grandchildren I have watched my 3 daughters with their children..as they ..Delight in the mess of life and not worry or stress about being “perfect” letting the little’s enjoy each moment…
    Yes, our children teach us tons…
    We are very lucky indeed…


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