BEFORE – April 27, 2019

Even those of us that exercise regularly and eat healthy can benefit from kicking it up now and then. Why? Because our bodies get accustomed to routines, and to make a change in how you look, you need to make a change in what you are doing. While my goal is not necessarily to lose weight (ok, maybe a few pounds), I would love to look more ‘ripped’, especially in the abs (who doesn’t!). I decided to use an upcoming vacation to the Caribbean as a motivating goal: 30 Days to Cayman – Let’s Get Ripped!

The above pic is my ‘BEFORE’. When I posted it on Instagram about a week ago, the question that came up most was about what I am eating. Rather than waiting until the end of the 30 days and my ‘AFTER’ pic, I thought I would share the details now for anyone that wants to consider changes in their own routines. The results are yet to be determined, but this is what I am trying:

Breakfast: Small bowl of berries, 1-2 eggs, 1/2 slice of wheat toast w butter. Sometimes I skip the toast, sometimes I will add spinach to the eggs. Sometimes add avocado to the toast with an egg. Black coffee. Midmorning snack, Greek yogurt (Fage or Chobani).

Lunch: Chicken or fish on a salad or something comparable. Never one of those salads loaded with nuts and cheese. Usually a vinaigrette dressing on salad and never ‘dressing on the side’. (Doesn’t taste as good, enjoying meals important!) Always a half portion if it’s offered. If I order a cup of soup I avoid most of the rice or noodles. If I order a fajita, I will only have a 1/2 of a wrap, then just enjoy the chicken and veggies. Afternoon snack: Hummus and raw veggies or a small bowl of Skinny Pop popcorn and/or 1/2 cup blueberries.

Dinner: Chicken, fish, or steak with veggies and salad. Or other yummy low-carb options – fish stew, chicken chili, etc. Sometimes a small portion of quinoa or other healthy carb. In restaurants, NEVER the bread. My treat at home – a Yasso fro-yo pop for dessert, only 100 calories and yummy!

Seems pretty reasonable? Here are more details that I am hoping will make a difference:

  • NO wine. NONE. Wine calories pile on easily, and I love wine. Instead I am allowing myself vodka, generally just one drink, 2 max.
  • No ice cream. Not even a lick and I usually have ice cream daily. Even though I enjoy only small portions, real ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s!) is loaded with fat and calories so it’s a no brainer to cut it out.
  • No casual snacking AT ALL. No Stacy’s chips. No cheese and crackers. No candy other than an Altoid mint. Hahaha! 😉
  • Always plan ahead. Don’t be caught starving at a place that won’t offer healthy options. Whether attending social events, or traveling for business, it is possible to stay 100% on track.

So that’s what I’m eating while I am KICKING ASS like I never have before at the gym…it’s funny, just because I go to the gym 5-6 days/week doesn’t mean I was really pushing myself. Well, you know what they say – no pain, no gain! To see a significant change in your body you need to leave your comfort zone.

At the writing of this post it has been 8 days – I am down two pounds and I really FEEL GREAT – that part is the amazing bonus. Stay tuned for the final results (and more pics) at the end of this month.

What about you? Want to look better? Want to feel better??? Are you willing to KICK IT UP???

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