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Equipment blouse with Banana Republic straight leg pants
Equipment blouse with Banana Republic straight leg pants

There are subtle polka dots, and then there are not so subtle, as in this Equipment silk shirt I found last year at Revolve in Belmont Center….it is a playful/happy pattern that does wonders for breaking up the seriousness of all black…….business casual with personality, less formal and more interesting than a solid shirt….024I added the floppy bow, and a layer of silver necklaces, one of which is an 8 ball on a chain (fun conversation piece)….001Add a blazer with leather sleeves (Theory) and I am ready for business, but not boring!005 The most important details here in looking fab and not frumpy are found below knee level: a straight leg pant (not skin tight) that hits just at the top of the ankle bone, worn with a three inch slim heel with a tapered toe (these in microfiber by Charles David)….a complete flat, a round toe, a chunky heel – these will take you from sassy to schlumpy…..unless you have the legs of Gisele, a higher heel will be more flattering and feminine.

dots For serious business attire large polka dots are best worn selectively; as an accent piece (scarf, socks) or under a jacket, but not head to toe dots…… After hours, go for it!…… Here is another time when I wore this same blouse with a leather skirt, out to dinner with friends….when you put on polka dots, you can’t help but feel cheerful, seems to be an automatic mood booster, without any side effects! 😉

When did you last wear polka dots?


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