Cashmere Casual

008 A few weeks ago in ‘A Sunny Splurge’ I highlighted the purchase of a Kinross cashmere sweater, purchased at Portobello Road, with pics of how I wore it one day to work….006002 Here is that sweater worn casually on a Saturday afternoon…..again with striped pants!

The pinstriped jeans are from Calypso, super lightweight and very comfortable….the scarf (also from Calypso) is a personal favorite that comes out of hibernation at the first sign of spring……

The sneaks are by Joseph Seibel, a European brand ‘comfort shoe’ that I discovered at Nordstrom’s…

Adding a belt with a glitzy buckle pulls the whole look together to be a ‘luxurious’ casual…..

Speaking of luxurious, cashmere is unbeatable, but it does require upkeep….after wearing a few times it must be dry cleaned, or – as Ginger did – washed by handed in Woolite then laid out on a towel to dry……

If you are a young mom you probably want to substitute the cashmere sweater for a fabric you can throw in the washing machine – a bright yellow cotton sweater or tee shirt from J Crew would be perfect…..


Chilly temps required one more layer….grabbed my Ralph Lauren puffer from TJMaxx, now ready for a day of errands!  Glad my recent “sunny splurge” is proving to be versatile and therefore a wise purchase. 🙂

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