Hayley’s Sprinkle

Hayley and her cousin Dana, the ‘sprinkle hostess’

When you have your first baby, the traditional celebratory party is a ‘shower’….as I have recently learned, when the second baby is on the way it is called a ‘sprinkle’ – simply because there is usually a need for less the second time around….but we need PINK this time!  Pink, pink, bring on the pink! A baby girl is on the way…..

It's going to be a girl!
It’s going to be a girl!

001 Oh, how sweet!!!! Lip balm favors, embossed in gold, “twinkle, twinkle, it’s Hayley’s sprinkle!”……017 Dana, her mom, and future sister-in-law Shannon did a great job in creating an intimate pink party with yummy treats and precious decorations….019 As the ladies were all enjoying the pink explosion, one mom commented that she never had an opportunity for a pink party (yup, all boys)…..we decided it’s never too late, and no need to be for a baby – anyone can have a pink party! Think GIRLS NIGHT, starting with pink champagne…..026 How could I not wear pink on this occasion??? 023 Little Henry stopped by for a quick hello, quite taken with the display of goodies…..025 What’s this about a sister??? Seems like fun to me!044 Ohhhhh! Sooo cute! A pink tutu onesie! Just wait till she gets poopoo on the tutu!……dots047 Before the festivities were over, we all got a sneak peek at the baby’s room…..don’t you love the gold dot decals on the wall above the crib?  Perfect for a little princess……if we only knew her name……;-)


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