Head to Toe Glam

How do you style plaid wool pants so you don’t look schlumpy/dumpy??? You go all out feminine from head to toe! Starting on top, with a black lace blouse…

And finishing off the look with shoes that are Cinderella-worthy!

The blouse is DVF from Revolve, the skinny patent belt is as old as the hills…

The pants are Ralph Lauren, at least 25 years old! You might remember from previous posts that they originally belonged to Ginger. :-) She loved classic styles and even though she had a limited budget, Ralph Lauren was her favorite designer, plaid being a favorite pattern…I also love plaid, especially during the holidays…these plaid pants I have worn to work ‘edgy’ by pairing with a black leather jacket and one Christmas I wore them at home with an ivory off-the-shoulder sweater…as for shoes, your options are endless – gold kitten heels, red suede pumps, black velvet loafers, or a statement shoe like these…

Navy suede with black satin bows and bling on the heels! Found them a few years back on sale at Neiman’s…even though you may not think you ‘need’ them, it’s great to have a ‘fancy’ shoe option that isn’t a super high heel…;-)

And finally, I didn’t ‘need’ this vest, but boy have I been enjoying it! A warm, fun alternative to a sweater or blazer, perfect for WFH.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • I remember you saying those pants belonged to Ginger. I adore them. I have a silk blouse made out of that pattern.


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